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We received this in our inbox, WTF SGM? An MP patrol from PVT - PFC was taking a personal break at a convenience store on a federal installation such as Fort Hood, TX or Fort Stewart, GA. The MP grabbed some snacks and a drink and was waiting in line when a SGM approached her to ask him her what she was doing. The MP responded with, getting something to eat and drink SGM which was pretty obvious. The SGM told her it was unprofessional for her to eat on duty and he also went on to state that all MPs should eat in the DFAC which is a cafeteria for mostly soldiers on a meal card but anyone can eat there as long as you have a DOD ID card and a means to pay. The MP stated she received BAS as do all the MPs do, which is money the Army gives Soldiers to buy food items. The SGM requested contact info of her CoC because he wanted this act of MPs receiving BAS to stop? What does he even care? She also stated she was married so that was the main reason why she received BAS. That didnt work for the SGM apparently because he told her she should eat in a DFAC. Then the MP stated she worked a swing shift and she budgeted for food and her budget did not allow her to eat at a DFAC. She then stated the most obvious fact, SGM, which DFAC is opened at 2100 hours. Apparently the MP got the SGM off track because he did not make sure he had her CoC contact info because he huffed and puffed and left the convenience store butthurt because a PVT spoke too much logic to him. Did I mention he wanted her to get into parade rest which she did not, and she did politely explain why? One last thing, an MPs is a mobile office filled with radios, gear, perhaps a rifle, blank paperwork and other necessary office supplies in order to facilitate the admins portion of complaints and yes, MPs often drink and eat in their patrol cars when its appropriate to do so. Why some random SGM would care so much about an MP buying food and drink is beyond me. Being that he was a SGM with X amount of years of time in service, he should have some knowledge on why MPS receive BAS and why its necessary due to odd hours and 12 - 13 hour days which often includes PT. Lastly, when an MP is answering a complaint, he or she just cant drive across post to eat at a DFAC. This true event which took place puzzled me, and I wish I was there to set him straight on the duties of my MPs. -Mike Litoris
Posted on: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 11:30:30 +0000

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