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Weeks ago I started exploring meditation as a path for spiritual growth and transformation. I have found it to be valuable but wanted to make it a bit more contextualized - more Christocentric. I can see it being a very narcissistic practice. So Ive been exploring Christian meditation and stumbled across an old practice called Lectio Divinia. Tonight, I tried it for the first time and really liked it. So that Ill do it more often, Im not spending a ton of time in each steps. I can see this being done as a longer exercise, but - for now - I want to keep it shorter. I think this will be a valuable tool moving forward. Here are the steps as summarized in the article below: • Silencio. Begin in silence, turning all your thoughts and desires over to God. • Lectio. Read a short passage of scripture slowly and carefully, at least twice. Notice any word, phase, or image that seems to have energy for you. It could be a word that invites you; a phrase that puzzles you; an image that intrigues you. • Meditatio. Sit in silence with your word, phrase, or image. Repeat it gently if your thoughts drift. Ruminate on the word gently, allowing it to sink into your heart deeply. Consider how it connects with your life today. Like Luther, you may want to ponder how it calls you to confession, gratitude, or a new way of living. • Oratio. Fall deeply into prayer. Be honest with God about your feelings. If you desire, write in a journal. Name your word or phrase. Draw your image. Write about how God is present to you now. • Contemplatio. Rest silently in the presence of God. Move beyond words, phrases, or images. Enjoy the freedom that comes in contemplation. patheos/Resources/Additional-Resources/Praying-with-Scripture-06172009.html
Posted on: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 02:28:14 +0000

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