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Welcome Lord Ganesha. 2014 As every year Lord Ganesha Arrived every Home.. Lord ganesha is God of Bliss ( AnandMurti ) in form of clay idol Ganesha comes to every house, this whole festival is Joyful time. out of five Elements Lord ganesh is form of Mother Earth That is why, During Rainy Season in India People use to bring New Clay from the River. Making Ganesh Idol by using that Clay, they were Worshiping Ganesha as a form of Mother Earth offering him delicious food, fragrant flowers,incense ghee/oil Lamps and Praying to him for true Knowledge also to remove all Obstacles in there lives. day by day festival changed, instead of clay Plaster of Paris took the place to make Idol, instead of Flowers Plastic and Artificial arts came. instead of devotional Songs movie and DJ Songs. we have to think about this. Lord Ganesha is deity of Knowledge his name is Ganapati, Gana means Collectivize he unites many persons together, he unites different cast and also other religions together. he is Universal God. when we obtain grace from Lord Ganesha automatically we receive internal Harmony between every Cast and religion. at present there are Struggles every where in the World there is Problem in Iraq, in Israel, and may other places, if we Worship Lord Ganesh in form of Mother earth then automatically then she will happy she will happy and every one will enjoy the peace. that is why we should celebrate this Ganesh Festival Eco- friendly way we Must bring clay Idol Not Artificial or harmful to earth. use Natural Colors. on the Last day we should sub merge Ganesh Idol in Clean Water. Now we are going to River or Well but because of these Artificial ingredients every single place is Badly Polluted just think for Instance we worshiped lord Ganesha with great respect and Love and at the Last day why we become very Cruel with him ?? with throw him in polluted place. so i suggest you take clean water in Bucket and on last day of festival do Visarjan sub-Merge in the bucket and and next day put that water in the tree. this way Lord Ganesha and Mother Earth will happy and we will receive lot of Blessings from Lord Ganesha. Tomorrow we know how to Worship Lord Ganesh and Rituals of Lord Ganesh.. any body having any Questions - Please send me Mail - [email protected] Thank you Vivekbhau
Posted on: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 16:23:33 +0000

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