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Welcome Tayha, Ursula, Ali, Elisa, Caroline, Claudia, Chris, Dante-Gabryell, Carsten, Ruth, Thien, Clara, Kerstin, Ulrike, Tricia, and Danielle Marchant! Youre from Austria, Belgium, Germany, the UK and US. Whose country did I miss? You may be just curious of what shared mindfulness is all about, others practicing meditation and want to find out what more is possible. Yet others accomplished mindfulness teachers and entrepreneurs. No matter what brought you here, its great that you came because Mindful Together is fledgling community of practice, which has already something to offer to all of you. The catch is that you have to find out what that something is. The best way to do that is simply asking what you always wanted to know about shared mindfulness practices, and replying to comments and questions that our other members are posting. One more thing. Those of us living or working in London will come together for an in-person Mindful Together meet-up, Friday morning, 25 July. If youre interested to join us, save the date; more information will follow soon. mindfully yours, George and Julia, your online hosts
Posted on: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 18:20:40 +0000

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