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Well, I am going to go ahead and post this now. Its kinda late in the day, not the best time to post these kinds of things, but I think I should let the cat out of the bag just a little bit. Theres this band, you guys may or may not know about it, the bands called Trinergic, I manage them, been doing it for close to an year now. The band was at a semi-pro level up until now, but weve gone ahead and made some changes. Some really, REALLY mad changes recently. Those who know these changes, please keep your lips shut, those who dont, read on! The band has been completely revamped, were doing things a lot differently now, the music that is going to come out of this band, is going to be in a musical direction that has never been heard of in the Indian Metal scene before, this I can vouch for. The guitarists at Trinergic have REALLY stepped their game up. Practicing harder than they ever have before, and pulling off some great things in the jam sessions. Besides this, there is a HUGE, HUGE announcement that is coming up this Sunday for Trinergic. It really is a massive announcement. Its something that I dont recall ANY Indian band ever doing before, but weve done it and were just a few days away from revealing it to all of you. This is a change that is going to take the Bombay scene by storm, this is an announcement that is literally going to elevate Trinergic to a whole new level of musicianship, songwriting and overall professionalism. I might sound like Im hyping it up, but trust me guys, THIS is something all of you are REALLY going to like, so sit back, relax and wait till Sunday for Trinergics BIGGEST announcement yet! :D Rahul Nair, Jayakrishna Gopakumar, Emmanuel Paul, Kenneth Daniel, Kishan Mulani, Adit Khanzode, Zunoon Zubair, Pronit Sharma Chatterjee, Aniket S Waghmode, Janus Sayal, Nikant Sharma, Sharang Gaikwad, Acquilin John, Tanay Kasera, Varun Singh, Jeff Dani, Hebzy Jacob:, Abhinav Sandhir, Baibhav Chatterjee, Anile Saduwala THIS is the moment of truth people :D So excited!
Posted on: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 17:51:19 +0000

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