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Well Im just waiting to hear from my Dr. When I go in for my MRI. Im excited, nervous & scared all at the same time. I need to know what the heck is going on in my spine/back once & god all. I am very very tired of everything ALWAYS being blamed on my MS. Just because I have this horrid disease doesnt mean that every single symptom I get is caused from the MS. Ive been going fir ozone therapy & funny how my left arm & leg that have been ice cold & purple for yrs is all of a sudden completely normal after only one treatment. Was it from the MS? Absolutely not! Had something to do with probably a disc issue in my spine pushing on a nerve. The pain Ive had in my lower back for years is sleep,ost completely gone now. Been having severe spasms in my upper back so have had extra treatments for that now just waiting to c if it helps. The MRI will show the Dr. Exactly what is causing all my issues & whether he will b able yo help. & if so, to what extent. I am hopeful. Dr. Doesnt think the weakness in my left side has anything to do with my MS at all but a disc issue which can b fixed!!!!! Please pray for me that this Dr. can help me & give me back the strength & muscle in my left side so I can b normal again. No more dragging my leg or living on pain medication. All that is doing to me is destroying my organs. I need a nap this therapy makes me sooooo tired. Never slept this much in my life seriously. Wow! Very very hot. & humid outside so air conditioning is more my friend today the anything else. Thank you everyone I will keep u updated as to my progress. Love & miss u all. C u in about 5-6 wks!!!!
Posted on: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 20:14:01 +0000

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