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Well everyone who knows me will know that i am a spiritual person and i have been fortunate enough thruout my life to have some communication with my guides. I am not psychic but i do occasionally, usually when i least expect it get msgs and occasionally i listen!! i have had my horse float for about a year now and i lost all the keys within the first week i had it :/ well i couldnt undo the water tank thingy so i havent been able to get the pump going or fill the tank and i havent been able to lock it at all when i go somewhere :/ LOL well this morning Honey and i were having smoko and chatting about shit as u do and i got up mid sation and walked into the pantry and looked at the key ring holder….. i just felt i had to do it but i wasnt even thinking about the lost keys! well after inspecting all the keys which were all rusty and old i knew none of them were the keys as i had checked previously…… but nek minute i look further along and there is a calendar hanging on a screw and wot do u know all my keys hanging off the screw!!!! Soooo bloody happy right now and yes i did say a massive thank u to my guides and Im sure they did a happy dance cos i actually listened :)
Posted on: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 00:53:29 +0000

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