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What are some things to do before singing? Answer: Well, you can take deep breaths, drink water and stay calm. Have self confidence as well! You might not realize but it makes a real difference. 1. Stop drinking or eating anything with dairy. This helps keep your voice clear 2. Gargle salt water. This helps your throat from tingling at all 3. Take a Claritin D or some sort of allergy medicine. This helps keep your nose clear so your voice isnt nasally 4. Go to sleep early. This ones obvious 5. In the morning, drink some hot tea to sooth your throat. 6. Take a throat lozenge to sooth the throat 7. Before you sing, take a deep breath and relax. Itll be over soon and that helps you voice from cracking. 10 things to do before you sing 1) Check your posture. a) Standing straight. Your spine needs to be straight, no curving in your lower back from your pelvis being shifted forwards or backwards. b) Make sure your rib cage is lifted slightly to give your lungs plenty of room to expand. 2) Stretch your muscles. a) Singing is a very physical activity. Your muscles need to be warmed up and stretched, especially the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and muscles around the torso. Thats pretty much your whole body, isnt it! 3) Balance your head. a) Check your neck. Can you move your head easily from side to side? b) Check your chin. Is it raised or lowered? It should be in a center, neutral position -- not lifted or lowered. 4) Balance your feet. a) You need to be supported by your legs while you sing. Your feet help you feel balanced and support the position of your legs. Find the right position to stand in. Some like to stand with feet apart, side by side. Others like to stand with feet apart, but one foot in front of the other. Still others like to stand with their feet together, but the heel of one foot touching the arch of the other. Whatever feels best to you, the goal is to feel balanced and strong. 5) Stretch your face and jaw muscles. a) This might sound funny, and look even funnier -- but tension in the face and jaw has a real impact on singing because it prevents you from using the muscles correctly. The muscles in the jaw, cheeks, and lips should be free to move up, down and all around. 6) Be rested. a) Again, singing is a very physical activity and requires correct muscle tension and strength. Unless you have a habit of getting enough sleep each night, your singing efforts will be weakened by feeling fatigued. 7) Make sure you eat! a) Do not try to sing on an empty stomach (or too full of a stomach either for that matter). You need energy to sing, plus you tend to use a lot of oxygen from inhaling. Singing on an empty stomach can make you dizzy and keep you from using as much energy and it requires to make a strong tone. 8) Be hydrated. a) It is much better to drink before you sing than while you are singing. Why? We need liquid in our system to keep everything lubricated, like our vocal chords, our sinuses, our throats. But drinking while we sing actually washes away that lubrication. The best thing to do is to have a warm drink before you begin, and then leave it at that. If you are seriously dry, use a cough drop -- but not while you sing! 9) Get your Mind in the Game. a) Keep your thoughts quiet when you are preparing to sing and stay focused on the technique you need to use or on the song you are going to sing. The more mentally tuned in to your task, the more youll be able to pay attention to the details. This is one of the benefits of singing; it turns our minds away from the mundane problems of our day to day lives and lets us focus on the joy of just singing. 10) Tune your ears. a) Before you begin to sing a song, play a few chords from the key the song is written in. If you are not an instrumentalist, or have access to an instrument, hum through the song in your mind and hear the harmony that accompanies the melody. The better your sense of key and harmony, the more on pitch you will sing. Good luck. From MESKALINK DIGITAL STUDIO. By Prince Chris Emeka Ezenkwele.
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