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What is an anabolic state and why is it important? An anabolic (build-up) state is necessary for your muscles to grow and develop. If a catabolic (breakdown) state overwhelms your body it will be more difficult to put on muscle mass. How to create an anabolic state in your body: •Eat protein •Eat carbohydrates to energise your muscle building process •Get plenty of rest in between training sessions and enough sleep. Your muscles will not be able to grow if you do not have enough time to recover after training •Use high quality supplements in the right combinations •Drink enough water. Sufficient water will help you maintain muscle volume and promote growth How do I create an anabolic state in my body? To see results from training, you need to understand the importance of recovery. When you exercise a lot, you will experience muscle stiffness the next day and, in the long run, deplete the fuel that is used by your muscles. The stiffness and pain that you feel is due to the actual physical damage that your muscles undergo during a training session. The damage usually occurs where the actin and z-lines unite, usually near the muscle-tendon junction. Free radicals are also known to aggravate this stiffness and pain. Luckily, our bodies know how to handle these free radicals and fight it off with the help of antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamins C and E are essential for good muscle recovery and a reduction of muscle damage. This will result in faster recovery after exercise. USN recommends the following supplements: •Multi-vitamin (Men or Womens Daily from USN) •Essential fatty acids (Omegas from USN) •L-Glutamine (Twin pack from USN)
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