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What thoughtful and caring employees we have! Another awesome Above & Beyond nomination: I would like to nominate Pat Burt again for your Above & Beyond contest. I don’t know too many pet sitters who would inquire about their clients’ vacation plans before making their own, all so the pets in their care won’t have to get used to a different sitter. Also, it seems that Pat regularly has to deal with contractors working at the house in our absence. This has happened a few times this year, where work that we have scheduled and thought would be done after we return is actually completed while we’re away. The first time it was a driveway being repaved. On our most recent trip, it was landscaping work. Pat observed that some of the new plantings that went in during our absence were looking a little thirsty, so she found our garden hose and gave them a drink of water. Now that’s going above and beyond! We’re very appreciative, and our cat got just as much attention as she always does. Keep up the good job, Pat!! You make us proud!!
Posted on: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 00:57:10 +0000

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