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What would it be like to be fully present to the depth and richness of your life right now? • How will it feel when you are no longer a victim of your mind’s incessant chatter? • How much energy and creativity will be yours when you are no longer inhibited by fear? • What would it be to feel at ease with yourself no matter what the circumstance? • Imagine feeling even more love in your relationships – how would that change things? What if all it took to have this in your life and so much more was to simply WAKE UP Why should you be there? How many of us have complained about a lack of connection or direction in our lives? How many of us are concerned about our planet, human relations, the decision of our world political leaders, or how the state of the world is impacting our children? While we don’t profess to be able to cure the ills of the world, we do know that it begins with each one of us. Tapping into that complete stillness within you, can and will have a major impact on every area of your life, professional and personal. It is time to experience living more authentically, with greater clarity, peace, transparency empowered by a deeper pool of inner resources. As you unearth this integral part of you – it will absolutely enrich your life and create a ripple effect on humanity. We live in a magnificent time. Never in our history has there been a mass awakening as we are experiencing today. The speed, power and magnitude of which this is happening on our planet is unprecedented. We are evolving exponentially. And we want to share this experience with you. We are a community of individuals who are passionate about assisting the awakening of all of humanity, and have put together an epic event to shine the light on your true nature. This event consists of individuals from around the globe gathering here in Colorado, to share their own journey of awakening and guide you in yours. This weekend of intense and powerful processes will have a profound effect on all levels of consciousness and will enhance your quality of being, quieting the conflicted mind, and helping you to release any inner turmoil. Throughout the weekend, you will be surrounded by people from all faiths and walks of life, deeply immersed in processes specifically designed to initiate a process of awakening. This is your time. shiftintoawakening
Posted on: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 15:51:03 +0000

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