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Whats on my mind? A lot! Bittersweet Moment: Somewhat emotional. In Osun State, Nigeria at the moment, my very first time here. Friends, POVERTY IS REAL! Nothing but abject poverty and hopelessness everywhere. But, the one thing that makes me optimistic is that on every corner, you see Churches, Mosques, Christians and Muslims praying and worshiping not too far from each other on the streets. Also, despite their shortcomings, the people over here are somewhat hopeful of their tomorrow. You can tell from the way everybody came out today to welcome Senator Iyiola Omisore in Ilesha, the hometown of the incumbent Governor, Gov Agrebsola. The whole city was in a standstill. Strangers became friends. Young, old, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmother, disabled, all came out dancing, laughing and singing in one voice as they all walk in unity and march toward the towns Kings Palace. The song, Iyiola omo Omisore lo le se, lo le ko wa yor, to ma gbe wa lo si ipo ilu gi ga meaning, Iyiola, the son of Omisore is the only one that can set us free from poverty and bring us development and lead us to the promise land. (I hope I translated the Yoruba song right lol). Friends, I must confess, Senator Iyiola Omisore is LOVED by his people. On this platform, Ive shared many times, the vision and dreams in regards to we the Omisores pushing for change, inspiring the people, taking responsibility to make a difference and push for modern-day development for the people by building modern-day rail systems, (underground and top ground train systems), good roads, schools, constant clean drinking water, stable electrical power supply etc.. Hmmm, folks, after getting on the ground and Ive witnessed the situation myself, let me be the first to say this, these are BIG DREAMS, But, impossible is nothing. We will make a difference. We will start with the basic needs of the people such as good roads, access to clean drinking water,supply of constant electrical power supply and job creation. From there, we will dream BIGGER! Friends, regardless of political affiliation, the honest truth is that the mindset of Nigerians MUST be changed. People are SUFFERING in this country. Its unreal. Heres my prayers: OMISORES Commitment: Prosperity and Development that leaves no one behind. Selah! So shall it be. In a few, I will be heading to my ancestral hometown, The Omisore Street in Ile-Ife. Looking forward to this but somewhat not ready.
Posted on: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 12:28:54 +0000

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