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Whats wrong with those who speak English with sort of Tagalog words?.....and worse, automatically classified as conyo. You might not know how hard it is to interact when people around are secretly judging you. People who stare at you as if you did something harmful. Im trying my best to speak Tagalog since I wasnt raised the way most of the people in school did. I tend to speak softly because Im afraid of the people around. Before, Im only seen walking by myself. First, I thought people in this school speak the way I do since this is a La Salle institution. I thought I wont stress in handling myself. But then, I remembered this is a Cavite based school. Therefore, a province. Therefore, people speak Tagalog. Im sorry I was late to realize. However, Im grateful to have friends who understood my side. I have friends who helped me. I have friends who interact with me. I have friends who patiently deal with me. As a result, Im now getting used to speaking the way you guys do. I also became confident. Not that I was forced to learn Tagalog to be accepted but I really wanted to learn since Im also a Filipino, a Fil-Chi one. Most wont know unless they ask since my surname isnt a usual Chinese. We use the one from my grandma since she isnt married to my angkong. Theyre supposed to get married but my angkong unexpectedly died a month before they planned to tie knots. I live in our country and I hate the fact that my family doesnt speak Tagalog. Plus, some of you might ask why did I study here and not in schools like Taft, etc. Actually, I was a transferee from a school in Manila. My parents decided to search for a place to live in near their office which is located in Laguna. A friend of theirs helped us and tadaaah, Cavite. 30 minutes away from school if I commute and 15-20 if I go to school with my mom whose way to works just counterpart of mine. But here I go, I choose to commute instead (trike & jeep) regardless of fastly getting tired/little sweating (when Ikot doesnt operate) due to the meds I take. I hate asthma. Anyway, to share that Im now speaking Tagalog s t r a i g h t as if I didnt struggle before. I can even talk with my friends loudly in public. I can even laugh with them without caring on what others might say. What I only want to know is why does it seem like some guys/girls wont want to talk to me esp if I got to enroll in an open section :( I mean, do I look that type of person whos picky and instantly ignores? Well, I can prove you wrong :( I want to gain more friends to further enjoy my stay in school.... but Im shy to reach out first. I also consider myself a little introvert? Maybe thats the reason. I dont go to bars, club, party. Just a typical one who enjoys reading, personally blogging, tweeting, watching chic flicks/actions/horror films alone in my room (love being alone but sometimes I want friends to come over and watch with me), heading to band concerts (obviously love boybands hi The Script, The Cab, ATL, SWS, Parachute, Coldplay, The Fray, He is We, Coheed & Cambria, etc) love Drake & Ed Sheeran too! I also love to thrift shop. That feeling when you get tons of clothes without spending huge amount of money unlike you do in malls. Anyone expert at this? Yes I admit to be plain and boring but does anyone feel me? Its rare to find but thank God I got a bestfriend! - Anonymity CBAA 2013
Posted on: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:00:00 +0000

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