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When every aspect of your life is taken - from your original language, to the children, food, land, resources and false treaties, families and entire Nations are being destroyed. Now they want those who suffer the most to come to a treaty table. The arrogance and darkness are almost unspeakable - until someone says enough and has the courage to stand up. For every person standing hundreds if not thousands are afraid and silently are saying thank you. Let us all help each other to stand together. This is a Vital and short video for ALL the Nations - it is very clearly presented and allows you to truly understand what is happening in so-called treaty talks or interim agreements and economic development inside the Nations. This is happening in all colonial occupied countries around the world and not just Canada and USA - it is a blue print - or template to taking the lands of other Nations. Please share this in all your networks and those presently in ANY form of negotiations for treaties or outside third party interests groups trying to gain a foothold inside your Nations. Please send out widely. Thank you all. https://youtube/watch?v=PmWYKZwONBg#t=47
Posted on: Mon, 01 Dec 2014 23:25:06 +0000

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