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Where Did God’s Girls Come From? By: Becky Davis Jones Wow, what a tremendous story to tell! My partner Chris and I began The God’s Girls ministry in September of 2011, completely by accident! The only thing we wanted was a place to belong; someplace we actually felt accepted. As far as we could tell, nothing like that was in place, at least for girls like us, so we made our own! Let me explain; She and I (along with a few other ladies we knew) were not necessarily the cookie cutter church girls. Many of us still struggled with the occasional temper tantrum, maybe a cuss word or two; but we were Christian Girls who loved Jesus and we needed a place to hang with like-minded believers while we encouraged each other to grow stronger in the things of the Lord. We wanted to share our struggles and our trials, encouraging one another that we did not run this race alone. We needed a chance to learn and grow without all the condemnation and judgments of human people who wanted to point out how not together we actually were. So out of our desire to be accepted and loved, the Facebook page was born! Most of us felt like we were less than in the eyes of the church because we have colorful backgrounds, some of us have colorful backs (tattoos), but all of us with a story to tell that could shock your socks off! Yep we all have a different testimony of God’s Mercy and Grace. However, we did have one single thing in common, one common thread that joined us together; each of us loves Jesus and we know that He loves us right back!!! To us God’s Girls was an ACCIDENT that it grew quickly to over 50+ girls.... next thing we know there are over 100 and currently we are up to nearly 400 ladies who simply want to love on Jesus without fear of rejection or shame. We did not intend to start a ministry, simply to be there for each other the way it should be; however, God had a bigger plan! He was able to see that there were women like us all over the world and that they needed to know that God loves THEM!! Unconditionally, unfailingly, He just LOVES them! It is the same old tried and true message of the gospel; Love! It just comes from a few wild and outspoken girls who are just crazy enough to believe that God’s Love can make a difference in our city, in our state, and even in our nation! The church house of the old days is beginning to look different because the people of the world who find Christ often find them after struggles and brokenness. We believe that no matter what ‘pig pen’ you came from God is still in the business of restoring prodigals to their rightful place as full heirs to the throne of grace. God the father runs each and every time one of His children calls out to Him and we believe that to have the heart of God we also must run to comfort the broken and the hurting of our land. We feel that this will not only help the ladies in the community, but it in turn will also help retain church attendance as well as kingdom growth. With less people feeling alone and giving up, souls are no longer walking away from the church but growing exponentially the kingdom of Christ by sharing what God has done for them! We equip these ladies to go out and reach more people with the love and passion that God has for them. When you are given such an amazing gift as redemption and unfailing acceptance, it is hard not to share it! God’s Girls has since built an outreach program to give to those who are in need of extra special help. We have partnered with homeless teams around the area to offer clothes and food to people who oftentimes do without. We provide much needed services to bless the women of our community with new clothes, shoes, accessories, and on occasion even free spa treatments, all to remind them that God is watching over them and providing for every single one of their needs; even the little things! We have a prayer team and a group of devotional writers who share teaching and encouragement with us each and every day. We have seen God move in signs wonders and miracles in our short couple of years together, and we expect more as He takes us from Glory to Glory in Him! Amen! Where God’s Girls will go from here no one short of God Himself actually knows! We get up each day, we put one foot in front of the other, and each day we end up more and more blessed than the day before. I don’t know why or how He settled on us two crazy loud and outspoken chicks to do this incredible work but as long as He will allow us the honor of serving next to these powerful women of God we will continue to get up each day looking forward to what God is going do in and through us! Standing in Awe of a glorious God who would look down upon us broken and forgotten girls, see us “Nothings” and by His mercy alone turn us into “Somethings”! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!!
Posted on: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:00:18 +0000

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