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Who Killed Katrina Jeffries and was she a random hit or was she a stalked woman who was targeted by political motives as a threat to the rising woman who are having children outside of wedlock and are not part of the feminist agenda either, they are a growing group who are lost in the big system that gives false hope. They are women that want to be independent who are of the rails and have no male keeper and have money paid in benefits that is often seen as a sign of independence but also having children a sign of dependence they are the growing woman in the community that has many male groups and also female groups backs up as they throw university study to the side and marriage for another life. Who killed Katrina and why we can start with who Killed Katrina and we all are about to find out that she was selected she was known to the offender through other people who wanted to do a hit as a threat to other woman living in the community and say this woman is a threat to us and the offender or offenders who helped select this woman were the same type that get at others he was caucasian and he left hints of why he selected her and why he killed her. Why did he select her is he was tired of being rejected and has aggression problems stemming from his own hateful upbringing about woman and it is a woman fault, he was prowling around her for a while and knew he wanted to kill this woman. Soon as she hit the system and her name came up as a single mother she was known to the growing number of scum in the area that targets women and children, politicians know this group that work in the area, she was a marked woman from the beginning when she came home from the hospital, by a group of men and woman that hated what she stood for and what she represented. We see these women who have become to hateful and powerful and want to control others we see these men that want to treat woman like rubbish she was dumped like she was rubbish that is all she was a threat of a growing number of men who sought to seek marriage for a means to control and abuse she represented freedom. So we know the killers identity or some of it, white caucasian we know she was known in the system and had been stalked, so we need to look at where was her work and income office and who was knocking on her door earlier and who had been a passer by at the shopping mall trying to have a chat, we have identified part of the groups operation bring down single mothers and take a parent of a child. We can ask where and if she attended plunket and who was her GP what woman were involved as they also help with this disposing of these woman, we can say there is no reason to kill a young girl for having a child but we give more sympathy to a terrorist who spit in our food and spread the super bug at the hospital on purpose. The red plastic represents the politics the yellow represents the terrorism in the world and the black rubbish bag is saying what she was not, she was targeted and dumped by politics of the wrong kind.
Posted on: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 07:56:51 +0000

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