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Who next for independence, freedom or crucifixion ? Wales Northern Island Isle of Man Isle of White Isle of Sheppey Isle of Dogs Personally I feel its time the people royally shook up the Political establishment who for the last 100 years have not matched the unquantifiable human sacrifices the British public have made for the union. Maybe keeping the name Great Britain instead of the puppet-regime sounding United Kingdom would have made a difference to the collective but there was never a national referendum over that name change was there? Nor a vote on herding generations and generations of Great British men into the slaughter of both WW1 and WW11. Britain 2014 is unrecognisable to the one those lads laid their lives down for, even 20 years ago the 1994 version too, gone, with all sense of moral code virtually lost, that famous courage that was forever the heart and soul of being British now made to feel ugly and shameful, until its time to politically rally the people into some new false promise - its this masquerade that I believe the YES people of Scotland have seen through. Sad times for the status quo maybe but as inevitable as the death by beheading of three of King Henry VIII wives alongside more than 72000 other subjects who were to lose their heads in the name of Britains Royal future. Now 460 years years later the head of the shape of the country is on the cusp of virtually beheading itself from the main island. What they now reap is what they sowed, those trusty politicians. Shame on them one and all for breaking Britain for the truly Great British people of then, now and tomorrow..
Posted on: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 08:38:23 +0000

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