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Who really is anti-agreement. Just read the full txt of Martin Mc Guinnesss statement marking the 20th anniversary of the Provisional IRAs ceasefire. The ceasefire marked the beginning of the end of a heroic campaign of resistance which lasted almost a quarter of a century of sustained armed opposition against the British establishment in Ireland. The ceasefire has been described as a monumental and courageous decision by its supporters and Mc Guinness was today described as one of the best leaders that Irish republicanism has ever had by fellow shinner Martina Anderson. So you would think this statement would tell us about all the wonderful gains that this has brought about. United Ireland, socialist Republic etc, etc. Nothing of the sort. It talks about the success of the peace process and transformation of politics across the Island. This is then followed up by talk of growing difficulties, deterioration in political relationships, retreat.......... from dialogue, compromise, agreement and reconciliation is bitterly disappointing, absence of dialogue, incapable of accepting compromise and have railed against this democratic decision, retreated into a coalition of rejectonist..... negative politics, walking away from dialogue, three times in the last six months have threatened political institutions. The word failure was also mentioned four .times. So who was he talking about? dissidents? no he was talking about his pro-agreement partners. He then goes on to call for anti- agreement Republicans to become pro-agreement, only in Ireland. If it wasnt for the centurys of bloodshed and suffering it would be funny.
Posted on: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 06:35:25 +0000

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