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Why, neighbour, why? When #MH370 went missing, your alternative publication Temasek Review came up with a mock-ad for MAS, making fun of the flights disappearance. When #MH17 was shot down, your national carrier cleverly deceived people by saying on social media we dont fly over Ukraine airspace; when in actual fact one of its planes was only 25km away from MH17 when it happened, plus, over that one week period, you used that airspace 75 times, compared to MASs 48. Does it bring you great joy in leveraging on our tragedies? So heres a story for you: When God created earth, He spoke to one of His angels about the world being based on the theory of balance. When the angel asked how, He cited examples by pointing out to certain parts of the world: You see that large spot there? I call it North America. They will be the worlds industrial superpower, full of development and technology. And people are relatively rich! But right below them, I put South America, home to the worlds largest virgin forest known as the Amazon. And the people are relatively poor. Thats balance. He then cited another example, pointing to Europe. Thats Europe. The weather is cool, sometimes cold, sometimes freezing. But right below them, is a continent I call Africa. Its incredibly hot there, blistering, blistering heat. See? Thats balance. The angel started to get the idea, and out of curiosity pointed to a little, little speck on earth. Whats this, God? That? Oh, thats Malaysia. You see, Malaysia has everything. They have good industrial capabilities, and they have virgin rainforests. Their people are equally rich and poor. Their weather? Sometimes hot, sometimes cooling. I gave them everything. The angel then questioned Him: But thats not fair, how come Malaysians get to have everything? Why did you make them perfect? To which God replied: Ahhh, but look at who I put right below them. I call them Singaporeans. Just a joke yea. Like yours. Have a good week ahead :)
Posted on: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 05:30:26 +0000

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