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William Boyd Chisum - Ill Be Home For Christmas (please read the story behind the video) William Boyd Chisum - Ill Be Home For Christmas (please read the story behind the video) Books and CDs sold at: ift.tt/1vHNpTV or ift.tt/1qMqeRy I was asked by the artist to produce and publish this video on their behalf. Check out more videos ift.tt/OEYVd0 or ift.tt/1qMqeRB I hope you are blessed by this...it was in many ways the worst and BEST Christmas of my life. My Favorite Christmas Memory I was a young boy back then. All alone in a hospital at Christmas time. I was all alone because all the children in this hospital had been discharged in order that they might spend the Holidays with their families. I however was not able to be released, and found myself the only child left, for a skeleton crew of nurses to take care of. I was just too sick to go home. Christmas Eve night the nurses came and wheeled my bed out by the nurses desk in order for me to talk to my parents by phone. They were not going to be able to travel the 10 + hours it would take to be with me on Christmas. As I tried to keep my quivering bottom lip from the view of those who were watching, I told my parents I understood. But, I really didnt understand. All I could think of was that I was all alone, and Santa could never find me here. I hung up the phone and the nurses began prodding me to play my guitar and lead them in some Christmas carols. It was just an effort on their part to help me to put the conversation I had just had behind me. We sang for what seemed like forever, and shared a cup of hot chocolate. As they wheeled my bed back into an empty ward B, the echo of their footsteps in a completely empty ward reminded me of how forgotten I truly thought I was. I felt like a miss fit toy lost on the island of miss fit toys. I went to sleep that night looking at all the Christmas lights out my window as they light up downtown Dallas. I prayed that someone would remember me on Christmas day. Just who it might be, I had no idea but it was my prayer to Jesus on His birthday. I woke up when the ward lights came on with a nurse telling me to wake up its Christmas and I needed to have breakfast...get my bed bath over with and get dressed. You never know who might come to see you today she said, but I knew....no one! Nobody new I was even here I thought. Just as I had finished getting dressed, I could hear voices. It seemed like a lot them too, as they made their way down the hall to Ward B. The double swinging doors suddenly burst open as a group of people I had never met before came in wishing me a Merry Christmas and carrying beautifully wrapped presents of all sizes. As they piled them into my bed I could hear them all say that Santa had dropped these presents off to them to make sure I got them. And sure enough each package had a name tag on it and my name was on each one. I had not been forgotten. Jesus heard my prayers that Christmas eve, and it wasnt the presents that I was so happy for. It was that I realized that I was Not a misfit toy lost on an island of misfit toys. The Gift was that I had been remembered. As I look back on it now I realize that the story of Jesus coming to earth was all about sending the message to a world of misfits....That I (God) have Come To Make All Things New....And through the ages I HAVE REMEMBERED YOU ! ~William Boyd Chisum _______ FOLLOW LIPSapp Hits56 Radio _______ FB: r-js/1rlggeQ / TW: r-js/1us3SdS / Listen to LIPSapp Hits56 Radio r-js/1dOIQ18 #thewho #beatles #elvis #jimihendrix #dylan
Posted on: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 04:33:29 +0000

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