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With 4G technology, CDMA is dead, says Ericsson BARCELONA—Ericsson´s product manager for LTE, Joakim Soreliu, has said that with the emergence of 4G network into the burgeoning mobile technology market, the Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA operators stands no chance of survival. Sorelius said, the future of telecommunication technology now depends on LTE, as a 4 generation network, coming to enhance the services of mobile operators and also ensure a guaranteed capacity for installed infrastructure by operators. According to him, LTE technology is expected to grow to two billion subscriptions mark by 2019 from the present subscription rate of less than four million globally. He noted that operators of CDMA across the globe are presently stocked and may not be getting the desired level of demand that can keep them afloat in business, insisting that it is all over them and advised that the only way left for them to keep body and soul together in the business, is by integrating an LTE integrators into their networks. “Operators of CDMA are stocked, there is no global demand for their services. As far as I am concerned, it is over for them but one more thing they must do is to deploy LTE solutions that can enable them migrate into the LTE platform, else, there will be less demand for CDMA services. “If you look at CDMA especially in the US, the activities have not been as it used to be five years ago, operators have now left shop. They only render services to few customers with selected operators based on demand. I think there have been less demand for CDMA and so, that is affecting its chances in the mobile dominated market,” he said. The Ericsson manager said that LTE, apart from improving quality of data services, also enhances the quality of mobile communication services with its superior and advanced technology over the 3G and 2G technologies. -
Posted on: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 13:07:07 +0000

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