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With a deep "integral schamanic friend" we decided to apply all our "human divenine forces" to "construct an energetic protection wall" around that "unit 4" of Fukushima! And to organise a great "joint scientific community of inner and outer spiritual scientists"! For making a great "scientific experiment" showing the whole world the evidence of the central reality of "IDEALISM": "Mind desings and creates material reality"!! The point of "ALCHEMY" !! TRANSMUTATION !! The "nuclear reaction" in the "inner core of beeing" causes the "nuclear reaction of outer stuff nuclear radioactiv materia" in FUKUSHIMA !!! Because the world soenst need any more moor "evidences of fear and punishment" for sins as reasons of changing behavior! But now as a new style for chanching behaviour: LOVE and ATTRACTION OF THE GOOD !!! And the worldwide evidence of such a MAHARISHI effect of "spiritual science"!!! Two days ago We decided this intention with two "integral schamanic friends"! And just today I get known a very activ "spiritual scientists", who is at the same time a very good chemicist and ecological entrepreneur!!! VERY SOON FULFILLMENT OF PRAYERS !!! We live really in very exciting times !! Alos my Berlin brother who suffered very long by some lacks of success in "spiritual activities" got today the divine messages: "Abundance - very soon -and just the best"! WHO WILL JOIN A WORLDWIDE MAHARISHI-EFFECT-COMMUNITY of "SPIRITUAL SCIENTISTS FOR "NUCLEAR TRANSMUTATION" IN FUKUSHIMA ??? With intentional "applied Heisenberg effect", "mental healing" and "integral-schamanic chemical TRANSMUTATION" of the radioactive burning elements in "unit 4" of FUKUSHIMA ??? PLease start already now!! Around the world!! The Bequerell-measurements of radiation is measured always by IAEO, the international atomic energy organisation ! But they do not impact, act, and taking over contral and responsibility, action for doing something to prevent that "nuclear desaster" (which would happen according to the "normal laws" of "raw material scientific nature laws"!! But there are also "NATURE LAWS OF THE SUBTLE AND CAUSAL WORLDS" ! Which could be applied by "a critical mass" of people who already awaked to that "realms of beeing" !!! "You are like the spirit that You understand!" This saying by GOETHE could be applied also ACTIVELY !!! DO YOU JOIN US ??? PLease give also some sign about your actions!! For a good "scientific study report" !!!
Posted on: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 00:20:52 +0000

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