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Wow! Beware! Take Heed! Dont Let Your Unbelief Cause You To Be LEFT BEHIND! Start Believing In What GOD Has Already Written In The Holy Bible. Obey GOD Before Time Runs Out On You. Read on for details. Important News! Dear Friends, Pastor has just watched the Just Release of the Movie called - LEFT BEHIND, starring Nicholas Cage on DVD. It is a very timely, biblically accurate, powerful and clear visual portrayal of the Next Major Bible Prophetic Event that GOD has already sounded Clear Warnings to the whole world to Be Ready for JESUS CHRIST Imminent Return To Remove His CHURCH safely to HEAVEN. Yes! This future event is called THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH and is slotted into GODS Timeline to occur without any warning! Holy Bible does not lie and we are fast approaching RAPTURE! You must watch this movie - LEFT BEHIND! Go and buy a copy or rent a copy from your video store! See it for yourself and invite your friends and family to watch it too! The terrible consequences for anyone who is LEFT BEHIND on RAPTURE DAY is devastating and very real! Millions will suddenly vanish right before the people left behind by JESUS! And then it will signal the beginning of the darkest time on planet earth, a period of intense catastrophies and unrestrained lawlessness that will sweep through the whole world! You really dont want to be LEFT BEHIND! What can one do to make sure one will not be LEFT BEHIND - you ask? Is there time still for anyone who still has not prepared for JESUS RETURN on RAPTURE? Pastor shouts GOOD NEWS! There is GOOD NEWS for all still! If you do not know JESUS CHRIST to be your SAVIOR and LORD, you can do so right here tonight! Yes! If you want your soul to be RAPTURED TO HEAVEN at JESUS RETURN on RAPTURE DAY, or should you die before RAPTURE DAY, turn now and surrender your life fully to JESUS. Pastor will now lead you STEP BY STEP In Prayer as you Commit and Repent before GOD. Know that GOD will hear you if you truly mean what you say. In true sincere heart and spirit before GOD, say these words aloud to GOD in Prayer sentence by sentence after Pastor, with your eyes open: Dear LORD JESUS CHRIST, I believe you are the SON OF GOD. I believe you are THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. Only You Alone has been given all authority and power to forgive my sins and to give me the Gift of Eternal Life. Thank you Lord JESUS for dying for my sins by the shedding of your precious and holy blood on the Cross on Calvarys Hill. You were buried. You rose from the dead on the third day and is now seated in glory and honor on the right hand of Father GOD in Heaven. LORD JESUS, I hereby confess I am a Sinner before you. I am sorry for all my sins. I repent before you now. I turn now from the broad way that leads to destruction to the narrow way that leads to life in you. Please forgive me for every sin I have ever committed. I humbly ask you to come into my life to be my SAVIOR AND MY LORD. I want to trust, to obey and to follow you. I hereby willingly submit fully under your Authority and your LORDSHIP. Upon the Authority of GODS WORD - The Holy Bible, I now claim your Free Gift Of Eternal Life. I claim your Promise to write my name in The LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE in HEAVEN. Thank you LORD JESUS for SAVING My Soul and giving me ETERNAL LIFE to live with you in HEAVEN forever and ever. Please help me LORD JESUS to abide in you and in your WORD daily. Give me your strength to remain faithful to follow, to obey and to do your commands from this day forward. I pray all this giving you grateful thanks in your Mighty Name, LORD JESUS. Amen. Hallelujah! If you have in true sincere faith confessed this PRAYER before GOD and you mean what you had confessed, Pastor rejoices to Welcome you into The Family Of CHRIST. Now that you are a New Believer In JESUS, you need to start to regularly read the Holy Bible, to pray and to learn more about GODS WORD. You also need to spend time with other Christian Believers who can help, encourage and guide you in your new walk with JESUS. Wherever you are, Pastor encourages you to locate a Bible Believing and Bible Preaching Church that honors JESUS CHRIST near to you and ask to speak with the Pastor there. Let the Pastor know that you have ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST TO BE YOUR SAVIOR AND LORD and you would like to fellowship with the Church and to learn and grow strong in your new walk with JESUS. GOD bless you and keep you safe in His Fold always. Amen. Add me as friend if you would like to be ministered with GOD’S WORD here in our Church on Facebook on a regular basis. And come often to our Facebook Page so you may fellowship here and receive spiritual nourishment for your soul. GOD bless you. Pastor Ben Soon. COME & WATCH: JESUS I BELIEVE – SAVE ME LORD - Passionately Preached By Pastor Greg Laurie
Posted on: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 18:42:13 +0000

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