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#YHM Writer: Sonali jaffers interveiw Ye hai mohobbatein’, a Balaji Telefilms show, stood by its promise to be unique by maintaining the balance between the characters with a touch of reality. Sonali Jaffar, a journalist turned writer, who has been part of many successful shows has written the script. With a chat with Just ShowBiz, the writer talked about the show, her life, Ekta Kapoor and many more. Excerpts: YHM is the only show with realistic touch and it’s commendable how you’ve maintained it? Is it easy to do so? What efforts it takes to achieve that realistic touch? No.. no.. It’s not easy! Actually it’s from day to day incidences from all of our lives. In a way it’s easy because we can refer to our day to day situation for it and in a way it’s difficult because you’ve got to have novel incidences that have happened in life. So, it’s both ways; It’s easy in a way and it’s difficult in a way! What aspects of Raman and Ishita you like the most? Raman’s back story is what I like the most. He is my favorite character of all the characters I’ve written. Raman’s character has a full range of emotions that takes place and I was hoping the person who plays this role does full justice to it. I was working on the show a year before it started and my friends who are actors, I was pushing them to play this role as this is a dream role for anybody. So, this is one character which is really close to my heart because I really, really like the way he is, as whatever has happened in his past has made him the way he is. It’s all his defense mechanism I feel on his part. So, this aspect of Raman I really like and aspect of Ishita, the fact about her that she is a barren. It makes you feel very bad for her. The woman loves kids and works so well with kids and yet she can’t have kids of her own. I think where the show began, like both are incomplete and they complete each other is what makes me feel good about them. It’s an ideal situation in today’s world. Also there was a social message in both these characters, I felt. Ishita gives hope to women who can’t have children of their own. It was our way of saying that it’s not the end of the world if you can’t procreate. If this story line is to be turned into a Bollywood film, who will you prefer for the lead roles? Oh I don’t know! (Laughs) I’m not sure. I like Siddharth Malhotra a lot (Giggles) so I would love him as Raman but that would be biased. I don’t really know. I’ve never really thought about this. Script of YHM is very intelligently written, what aspects do you keep in mind while writing scenes? See, like I said, I try to borrow from my own life. And you know? What honestly helps me is that my husband’s character in life is very close to what Raman is. So, it kind of gives me a little idea and an easy way to relate.(Giggles) Whether it’s humor or emotional or the way he reacts to situations is very close to how Raman does. It always gives me a point of reference. Who is your inspiration? Ekta Kapoor. She taught me everything from the W to G of Writing! I was not somebody who was into writing. I was a journalist earlier and it wasn’t something I knew how to do. Basically, it’s a creative process but what is required of television writing is something which Ekta taught me with great patience. I’m really thankful to her. Even in YHM whenever we’re going about a particular scene, she always suggests and for someone who isn’t married and doesn’t have kids, understanding the situations is something really amazing. Ability of Ekta to re-invent herself again and again is something that makes me respect her more and I get inspired by her every time. According to the current track, ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ is heading towards the much awaited confession and since YHM is known for it’s uniqueness so what have you planned? How different it’s going to be? (Laughs) I’ve no idea about it. I haven’t written it yet and also right now, I’ve nothing in my mind about how it would be. I really get worried thinking about it because in most shows I’ve seen, after the confession, audience loses interest in the show. Even the shows I’ve done earlier like ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ and other shows, once the confession is done, they lose interest in the show. I’ve always faced this issue and recently it has happened too and then they blame the writer and creative’s for stretching it. We get worried that once the confession will happen, audience will lose it’s interest. Generally audiences see the show in bits once the confession happens, so everyone tries to stretch the confession as long as possible. I don’t know the reason why it happens and I’m not a researcher to say this but this happens. Apart from writing, what else do you loved doing? Well, I’ve two kids, I’ve a family to take care of and my all the time apart from when I’m working, belongs to them. It’s said one can never be a part time mother, it’s a full time job. My kids are eight right now, so I just like to switch off whenever possible because we’ve a very hectic schedule with three or four shows going on and I don’t get much time but whatever time I get, I spend in attending PTA meetings, (Laughs) and being a Mom and I don’t have any such hobbies but I love traveling How is the experience working with Ekta Kapoor? It’s brilliant! The good thing about Ekta is, she doesn’t minds imparting knowledge, like a lot of people say, that why should I take the trouble of teaching somebody? But she is somebody who is a great teacher. She surprises you every time with her creativity. She always inspires and you would often find yourself asking that why didn’t I think of this? Why didn’t I think of this emotion? Why didn’t I think that this could be told this way? Like I said, she has an ability to re-invent herself. Earlier she was doing shows like Kyunki and Kahani and all which had a different type of telling. Then there’s Pavitra Rishta, which has a different type of telling, and then there was Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, which had different type of telling and then Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, which again has a different type of telling and so is Kumkum Bhagya. So, they all are very different and now there is Ajeeb Daastan Hai Ye which is again a different type of telling. So, that’s great how Ekta does this. Which character in YHM is close to your heart? Ruhi. I love Ruhi and Mutthu. I love their chemistry, I love everything about them! I think, I love their whole family. The three of them, Raman, Ishita and Ruhi. I like Raman and Ishita together more, I don’t like them separately. Otherwise it’s just Ruhi and Mutthu (Laughs) Ruhi I really like because of the kind of emotion Ruhi shows, of a child who suffered so much and it just connects. What is your mantra in life? I don’t know! (Giggles) I don’t have any real mantra! Which is your all time favorite novel / book? And Writer? I liked ‘The Custody’ a lot. I basically like and read the classics quite a bit. I like the classics much more than the regular ones. I love Mary Clark and Agatha Christie. It’s strange, because I write emotional stories but I like reading suspense novels. Message to the fans! Keep loving ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ and have faith in the creative’s. They have not let you down so far. I really like it when people say that, YHM gives them freshness. It feels good and I just want audiences to remember it as a good show. #YHM
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