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Yo Minna ! Laro na sa Sky Ragnarok Online 4month old server 255 / 120 Farm Server Every month new Quest ! https://facebook/groups/Skyragnarokonlineofficial/ Rare Mvp drop rate Thana 1% LHZ Cards .50% ( SinC Cloaking Effect not EDP ) GLOOM 5% Beerze 1% Normal mvp drop rate 20% PORI PORI Monster Drops 1 POD ! can summon using Angel Scroll Angel scroll can be farmed through Monster Arena 1 npc Unfrost Server The Fusion Valk set (set effect) , Diabolus Armor , Angelic valk armor , Dragon Armor have 100% Resist to Frost Farmable Donates via Break the Seal < For Diabolus Parts pastebin/g3N7Mnm1 Dragon Ball Z Story Line Quest < For Donate Flame Aura , Costume , Refine deed & PODS pastebin/gdCNyjVC NEW ITEMS & QUEST FOR THIS MONTH OF DECEMBER Dragon Ball Z Story Line Quest pastebin/gdCNyjVC Elemental Sword Quest pastebin/jCdeDxfb Dragon Set Effect pastebin/TcpbkeFg Ways to farm Items Monster arena 1 < kill monster to farm ancient coins and trade to Items Monster Arena 2 < kill monsters to Earn Arena points to recieve Rare Cards and Rare 3rd Job Costumes Gold Room < to farm gold and exchange to Credits Quest area < Consist of npc Quest items weapon acce armor sets Lotti Gril < 5 Credits to play can win RANDOM 1pcs of all items except for donation items AUTOMATED EVENTS! DICE EVENT < ( 1 pod prize ONLY IN DICE EVENT ) JUMPER EVENT JACK N POY NPC PORING CATHCER EVENT DISGUISE EVENT FAST TYPE EVENT Kill the Mushroom Event Monster wiki event Active GMs and Staffs Fun GM Events ! Madaming CUTE at Astig na Costumes Upgraded cards dropables by mobs ! LITE INSTALER ! mediafire/…/9ix61urplb2l…/SkyRO+Lite+v3.4.rar Site ( Register ) Sky-ro.net Facebook Group post ign to claim freebies Solo Package or Guild Package PM Sir SkyLine on His FB https://facebook/profile.php… Sali na tropa kahit solo player ok lang may Solo Gpack naman Sky Ragnarok Online Official 185 Members Mico Angs photo. Sky Ragnarok Online Official 207 Members Mico Angs photo. Sky Ragnarok Online Official 272 Members Mico Angs photo.
Posted on: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 21:58:20 +0000

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