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You guys have to read this In the year 2000, I had received my very first Disneyland Annual Pass as a gift and shortly after I went on a trip to Disneyland with my friends. The very first thing I wanted to go on was my all-time favorite ride: The Haunted Mansion! I loved the ride so much, I did research on the ride to figure out the secrets and techniques they use for all the effects. I also memorized the song so I would sing along throughout the ride. So I finally got to the Haunted Mansion and got in line. So far everything was the same as always except for one thing. I got to the pet cemetery part of the ride and, for some odd reason, the frogs tombstone was missing and instead there was another tombstone that says Seth. Forever here.... This kind of bothered me. It seemed out of place and it wasnt one of those family-friendly puns that Disney makes all the time, but I ignored it, thinking it was a new part of the ride. Eventually, I finally got inside the mansion, so far nothing else being out of the ordinary. The waiting room is still just the waiting room, the Ghost Host still says the same line as he always does. Then I go into the Stretching Room part of the ride and all seems normal until the part where the room goes dark. You see the skeleton hanging himself as usual, but when the lights go out I saw a ball of light hovering around the ceiling. I knew this wasnt normal because at this point the room should be pitch black. Then just before the lights turned back on, the ball of light morphed itself into a shape of a skull and disappeared as the lights turned back on. This was not normal.... As we walked outside the room and into the hall of the transforming portraits, I asked my friends about the lights and none of them saw it. At this point I thought I was imagining things. We all got on the ride and nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the Ballroom scene with all the holographic ghosts. I smiled and enjoyed the happy ghosts dancing and celebrating the ladys birthday, but something wasnt right about this scene. I looked up and saw the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in my life: the glass that you see the ghost animatronics reflections off of was broken and there was a dead body on the floor, in a pool of blood, by the dinner table. My friends and I freaked out and all the other passengers screamed. The ride stopped and the lights turned on and an announcement was made on the loudspeakers Disneyland thanks you for your visit. Please evacuate the attraction in an orderly fashion. A cast member will be with you shortly to assist you with the evacuation. Thank you! As we were evacuating the ride we had to walk all the way to the place where you exit the Doom Buggies and get off the ride. At the rides exit, we heard what sounded like a child crying even though there no children around. I saw a bunch of ambulances outside the Haunted Mansion ride along with the police officers standing outside the ride. I walked up to talk to one of the police officers and he told me the victims name was Seth...
Posted on: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 09:50:22 +0000

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