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You know, I get very excited that live theatre comes to TV. It is a marriage of two of my loves. Perhaps I should not watch it, because now I have been sorely disappointed two years in a row (I know its still on, but I dont think Ill make it to the end). WHY must you cast named actors that arent theatrically trained (or gifted)? Im sorry Mr. Walken, though I greatly admire much of your work, this was a mistake. Ms. Williams, Im sorry but you are lack luster as well (stop throwing away the end of your lines in songs - breath support!). Apparently, the costumer and set designer got into a big fight and chose not to work together (just a guess by looking). I know that lighting a show like this is a nightmare, so Ill hold my peace. Then the cinematographer or the director made some super weird choices. Why would you use a high angle while trying to show the magic of flying (and highlighting the wires rather than minimizing them)??? Okay, Im sorry. Ill stop. Im just sad that with all the money and time put into a production that can be so magical, there are so many things preventing the enjoyment of it.
Posted on: Fri, 05 Dec 2014 06:23:40 +0000

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