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You know for the past couple of days I have been telling you about my son. But I have a daughter that I am equally very proud of and as a mother has given us a beautiful set of twins. First born is always spoiled especially when it is a girl and is a daddys girl When our daughter Michelle was around 3 or 4 she lived on the truck with Dena and I . She would ride on the dog house or play around in the sleeper. She had no bed time or all the other structured hours like most kids. She had been up and down highway 99 from Seattle to LA so many times she could tell you what the next town was and how far and how long it would be to get there...quite a feat for a kid her age. We were heading to LA one time and we got down to Albany , Oregon where old highway 99 parted from the regular highway 99 and interstate 5 ( one of the same , but designated differently ) and became highway 99 W. Dena and her had never been down that road before and it wasn’t much different in milage so I decided to give them a look at some different terrain. Small farms, little hamlets just a real rural setting and a break from driving the freeway We just about got to a little town called Harrisburg when their was a wide load approaching us with big combine on the low boy. The wheels were sticking over the side of the trailer and the tires on that thing must of been all of 6 ft tall and were well flaged along with the blinking yellow lights.. That guy was driving a legal load, but that wasn’t the problem. Michelle was setting on the dog house and Dena was in the passenger set. A bout the time we were going to pass each other on this two lane highway a few trees had some hanging branches over the highway. Having a high load he naturally moved left to miss hitting them. A bout the time he started to move back into his lane so we could pass a wheel on the combine fell off right in front of us. Dena grabbed Michelle and ducked. I jammed on the breaks as that tire hit the ground. It bounced right over the top of the cab and was at the right angle that even missed getting the front of our van. Close call ! Scared the crap out of us, if it had of hit the front of our tuck I am sure we would of been a total.....just another day on the road
Posted on: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 02:30:30 +0000

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