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You want to success? let me share.. facebook/armando.duhilag14 visit-swabeteamaces To join-ar08.swaultimate/register.. Supreme Wealth Alliance June 23, 2013 5 Reasons Why Youll Never Succeed! ---> You complain too much. Rich people are grateful for what they have and they celebrate their life and every successes - no matter how small. Poor people complain all day long. Are you a thanks-giver or a whiner? ---> Youre too jealous. Wealthy people admire and learn from other wealthy people. Broke people hate, envy, and resent wealthy people. If you hate wealthy people, youll never be one. ---> You play it safe. Rich people take risks and take action in spite of fear. Poor people prefer to let their fears keep them poor. Do you have the courage to do whatever it takes? ---> Youre afraid to fail. The most successful people are the ones whove made the MOST mistakes. The people who never succeed are so afraid to fail that they end up doing nothing. Are you willing to make mistakes or are you too afraid to fail? ---> You want to do it all yourself. Wealthy people have a team of people working with them. Broke people think that they can do it better themselves. Become wealthier by creating a team. Want To Be Successful? VISIT: dolrom.sulit.p
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