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ZNBC News room for MDAZ I received the overwhelming reception at the ZNBC news rooms with excitement as they gave a standing innovation when they saw me walk through the doors of the newsrooms that is TV 2 and TV1. I went to see Mr. Chiko Mukoka, to discuss his move to MDAZ though I learnt with shock that he is already on leave trying to clear the BAZ office in readiness for his defection. I however interacted with many MDAZ and would be MDAZ members who chanted anti BAZ slogans saying BAZ is a finished organization especially with the departure of One Chiko Mukoka, a gallant son who has led BAZ for quite some time. When I asked some people in the news room about what they feel about Mr. Chiko Mukokas defection, all they ladies said its time for him to leave BAZ and we are proud of him especially, that the woman he is going MDAZ with is a very God fearing person and she possesses very intriguing character which we all admire here in the newsroom. Another one added that, VIVA Mr. President ( Meaning me) for convincing Mr. Mukoka to join MDAZ, he has such a virtuous woman in her, those are the women we call wives and thanks to you for your kindness as MDAZ, we though because he was in opposition, you would refuse him to join. But in response I just said VIVA MDAZ and everyone in the newsroom went VIVA MDAZ!!!!!! I thereafter addressed all newsroom staff who were present and promised to forward application forms to Mr. Brain Mwale who is leading the recruitment team at mass media. Its with this in mind that I wish to inform all well meaning MDAZ members to attend the said MDAZ/BAZ INDABA on 30th August 2014 to be held at Dream Valley to attend without fail as this will mark a memorable day of defections to MDAZ. For details please contact Hon. Brian Mwale for details
Posted on: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 14:01:05 +0000

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