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Zambian Modern Mainstream Rap is now Crap. What happened to Rap? People missed the Black Muntu, Saga,Louie X, Tribal Cousins era it seems. This era has rappers with metaphors and punchlines which are hopeless. Good flows but useless lyrics. Do you listen to Cassidy , on Control cover he spits “a rapper not a character that blubber a bunch of word that rhyme/ but don’t make sense most of the time/ and most of the lines that they rhyme is mostly designed/ for dudes that are stupid and used mostly on their mind/”. That’s one of the dopest line from 2013 by American rapper Cassidy. Just because certain words rhyme don’t mean you are a rap artist. Rhyme set of words and make sense from it. Admin shouldn’t be schooling you famous rappers when you chose this as your career. So when is Tupac coming back we tired of these pointless and childish metaphors being written by people who are no longer teenagers, who told these kids that punchline is rap, no rap is rhythm and poetry, poetry is literate art. I have broken it down for comedians and those who listen ignorantly. Senseless bars ,we don’t understand the language of ndine chani iwe ndiwe shani uko, music yama yo bally. This is not Zambian jokes but Zed Hip-Hop Journal so don’t say we hating when we don’t review your song or when we hammer your song in our review section. We in this to bring back art not to make Friends or enemies. Should have been decieving people to make money by going with mainstream comedy or dumb rap songs but we put our hearts in this art. Poetry is not a crime,POSENIKO AMANO, how can you have a song hit for 7 days then after that its history. We don’t need the latest rhymes but the greatest lines. Big Shout out to the rappers who are keeping us busy, you are the reasons why we beginning to sign contracts and rejecting some, we won’t let you down if you wont Rap down. By the way if you have a good song talking about real life, ZHHJ promises you that they will review your song. Wait we finish reading the contract so that clowns know that we mean business [Checkout the top 5 hottest emcees of April tomorrow] -K.O Starring
Posted on: Fri, 30 May 2014 20:05:17 +0000

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