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Zambian Parliament asked Why They Have Not Arrested Zambia Republican President, Sata, for being a member of the Outlawed Linyungandambo Alliance for Democracy and Development, ADD, Luena Member of Parliament Mulumemui Imenda has wondered if it is treason for the people of Barotseland to revert to their pre-agreement status. Contributing to debate on the budget address speech on Tuesday29th October, Imenda pointed out that the law of contracts and treaties allows reverting to the status quo as one of the remedies. Is it treason to ask for enforcement of a contract? It is provided in the law of contracts and treaties to revert to the status quo. It is one of the remedies. Is it criminal? Imenda wondered. She further wondered when marching became a criminal offence, and stressed that people are languishing at Mwembeshi Prison for merely marching on the streets. This was in reference to the 84 Barotse nationals who were arrested by the Zambian government when they marched on the streets to celebrate the inauguration of Afumba Mombotwa as the Administrator General of the Barotseland transitional government in August this year. She noted that when there was word of a military coup in Zambia in the 1980’s, people celebrated on the streets but no one was ever arrested for doing that. “When General Tembo (Christon) did something Zambian people marched on the streets , Were they thrown in prison? But in Western Province (Barotseland) people are arrested just because you say they are Linyungandambo,” Imenda observed. She wondered why President Sata is not being arrested since he had declared himself Linyungandambo number one. “Our President said he was Linyungandambo number one, have you arrested him,” Imenda asked as fellow opposition members of parliament were heard praising her in the background. Meanwhile, Imenda has observed that there was a lot of tribalism in the recruitment of defense Forces adding that there was a secret veil surrounding the exercise. ‘We are told that you are recruiting in each province but you go to Mongu and only recruit Mulenga and Chilufya leaving out the local people,’ Imenda observed as some Bemba members of parliament made attempts to curtail her debate but Speaker of the House Patrick Matibini protected her. Recently Defense Minister Geofrey Mwamba disclosed that a total of 3600 youths were recruited in the defense forces during the last recruitment. There was speculation that more Bembas were recruited in an attempt to balance up the numbers because government was concerned with the number of Lozis in the defense wings. - See more at: barotsepost/index.php/en/frontnews/local-news/563-our-president-sata-said-he-was-linyungandambo-number-one-have-you-arrested-him-imenda-asks-zambian-parliament#sthash.qt3r0vHX.dpuf
Posted on: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 22:39:17 +0000

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