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Zephaniah 3 6 I destroyed nations; their walled cities are in ruins. I turned their streets into ruins; no one passes through them. Their cities are desolate; no one lives there. 7 I thought, Certainly you will respect me! Now you will accept correction! If she had done so, her home would not be destroyed by all the punishments I have threatened. But they eagerly sinned in everything they did. 8 Therefore you must wait patiently for me, says the Lord , for the day when I attack and take plunder. I have decided to gather nations together and assemble kingdoms, so I can pour out my fury on them - all my raging anger. For the whole earth will be consumed by my fiery anger. 9 Know for sure that I will then enable the nations to give me acceptable praise. All of them will invoke the Lord s name when they pray, and will worship him in unison. 10 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, those who pray to me will bring me tribute. 11 In that day you will not be ashamed of all your rebelliousness against me, for then I will remove from your midst those who proudly boast, and you will never again be arrogant on my holy hill. 12 I will leave in your midst a humble and meek group of people, and they will find safety in the Lord s presence. 13 The Israelites who remain will not act deceitfully. They will not lie, and a deceitful tongue will not be found in their mouth. Indeed, they will graze peacefully like sheep and lie down; no one will terrify them. 14 Shout for joy, Daughter Zion! Shout out, Israel! Be happy and boast with all your heart, Daughter Jerusalem! 15 The Lord has removed the judgment against you; he has turned back your enemy. Israels king, the Lord , is in your midst! You no longer need to fear disaster. 16 On that day they will say to Jerusalem, Dont be afraid, Zion! Your hands must not be paralyzed from panic! 17 The Lord your God is in your midst; he is a warrior who can deliver. He takes great delight in you; he renews you by his love; he shouts for joy over you. 18 As for those who grieve because they cannot attend the festivals - I took them away from you; they became tribute and were a source of shame to you.
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