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an older (very late 20s) gelding, is seeking his last home. Do not contact us if you want a horse for your wild unruly visions of cowboying child to learn on, or want to lease a trail horse for a year. This must be a retirement home. He is a healthy as a horse, sound as a yearling, comical, happy, easy going gentle grandpa horse. Not for heavy riders. Not for hard riding of any kind, simply because of his age. He loves trails. Easy, flat, no crazy up and down racing trails. He is perfect for an older person who is looking for a nice easy ride. There are no complications or stupid personality traits with this horse. Smart as a whip and well behaved. Point him and he will go. He is good in any fence. Wonderful and very clean in a stall. Low man on the totem pole. He does much better in a smaller herd than a larger one because of this. No buck, no bite, no rear, no strike. Honest as they come... He is a hard keeper. We got him last year and he was emaciated. We have built him up but the winter was hard and he still needs more weight on him. We feed him senior feed, calf manna and oil. He is utd on everything but will need his spring shots. Spring time on grass will do the rest for his weight, with continued senior feed. He is 15 hands and western. He neck reins. I have a build up saddle pad I will give with him so you have it for him. He has a high wither and this helps him take a SQHB saddle. He can be ridden in a snaffle or a halter with a lead rope. He knows leg cues and is pretty good at verbal commands too. He has had a heckuva life with all he knows. I wish I knew his story...he is really a magnificent old man... If you want to consider him,make sure you have proper shelter. Doesnt have to be fancy but has to be warm and clean and safe. No barn wire fencing. One other horse would be nice for him tho I bet he would love to be doted on as an only horse. He will listen to anyone but we have noticed he likes to bond with one person and will claim them as HIS. Its almost like an old man We will want updates once a month for a year, then just a once a year thing. I do not want him to go to anyone else but me if you no longer want him. NO AUCTIONS. I WILL PROSECUTE if he is ever auctioned off and I find out about it. I dont care if you give him to your best friends kid as a 4H project, and then they send him to an aution, If I hand him to you, YOU will be held liable. I will need references from your vet and your farrier. And 2 people who can vouch for you. I will also do an animal abuse check on you. I will need to visit your facility and know where you yourself live if you plan to board him. If this sounds too intrusive, dont contact me. Horses end up in the slaughter pipeline way too easy here in Ohio. Its not going to happen to him. I promised him a happily ever after and by my god, he is going to have it. Ideally, just be someone who can take care of him. I really wont be in your life all that much if you just give him a good easy life. This horse has been there, done it and will do it for you too. He has ALOT of years left. Let them be loving easy ones, please...
Posted on: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 23:54:06 +0000

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