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dek how and where to start lmao but thankiu to everyone that gave me cards, hugs, stuff and blah blah yall are the best and Im really sorry for leaving you guys I really have no intentions on doing so I was forced to do so Im sorry and ill miss you guys a lot dun worry Ill always remember yall especially my fabbest and awesomest 1A peeps ilyall I wont forget you guys so dun forget me too ah xd oh and thanks for signing on my Teresa shirt n all the messages I really appreciate every lil bit of the stuff yall did for me today and dun cry ah I missing yall already haha for those who can still see me tomorrow or the next day or anyone going for johor run yall better feel lucky XP jk ill visit when Im free and tell the teachers I lub them haha n Aliah, the one sitting beside me and also the best table mate I have dun miss me too much haha hope youll find another maths, eng, science n etc tutor haha thankiu for ur present I love it n remember to make kuih raya for me next year I love it. Wan two three, dun miss me too much okay kay haha ik you will u the funniest n best classmate I have lah u the siao but the best n awesome one thanks for the cards n all but nasib nasib u tell me otherwise I leave the things in my pencil box n under the desk how jk xD n munnayam xD dun miss me too much oso haha now u can sit beside firyal at the lab dy haha n Aisyah thanks for the cards oso i loveee your cute lil drawings they are amazing stay cute kaay :D veena banana the one that likes to bully me by calling me vic jk n rachel aka my fab ketua and the only one that calls me datin sotong you fab humans ily dun miss me too much haha thankiu. Kashy n lino the ones who poured water on me today and made my uniform wet please do grow up and make more friends now when u go canteen no one teman u jk the pbsm gang thankiu for hugging me and all especially jia wei aka my white piggg n hui qi haha xie xie ni men n zhi wei for singing we are the world for me at class stay fab n singing like a pro :D thanks for all the memories we created together especially the time we won the fashion show thingy (i still think i look weird in tudungs), the futsal comp (first time i play futsal and actaully kicked a ball :D) n the choir comp even though we got 2nd place we did out best and gave our all so thankiu for every thing and i lub you guys :) #SEMANGAT1A #SEMANGATTERESA
Posted on: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 13:08:37 +0000

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