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divinamadre.org/en/mensajes-cristo?ano=2013&mes=7 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO FRIAR ELÍAS Dear brothers and sisters in God: May My Light today be able be abundant within the deepest spaces of your hearts so that in this way may be established the Kingdom of My Peace in all of humanity. Pray for those who sleep and who, without realizing rest in the normal life of this current world. Offer to God your fasting, prayers, sacrifices for humanity and your sufferings because if all this were donated with faith many spiritual situations would be able to be reverted before the time. Now I only ask you to seek to be for longer in My Merciful Heart because your souls still have not swum in My Ocean of Graces but your temperaments have led you to practice other things. May your true exercise be the merciful prayer of the heart. Each time that you call for My Presence in silence I will be amongst you accompanying the great movements in your inner beings. My Merciful and Liberating Fire wants to approach a little more to your beings. But it still lacks the total permission so that some veils may fall from your faces. If it were like this you would see the light of truth that draws nearer from Heaven with the hope of converting you into good disciples of My Prayer. I construct in you My Temple of repose whenever you are truly encouraged to empty yourselves of your own selves to discover the wonders of the new being. Be simple in everything up to the point of loving with reverence each detail that is presented in your lives. I am here to listen to you always. Under the Grace and the Love of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for guarding My words in the heart! Christ Jesus. PDF version New Wednesday, July 10 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS Blessed are the meek and the silent of heart before any adversity, denial or judgment that they may receive because they will be called those transfigured by My Merciful Heart. Whenever people make use of a judgment or of a word against My servers and it is unfair before the eyes of the Universe, try to have a malleable spirit so that it may only walk beneath the ray of My Love and of My Peace. Remember all of the days all that My Being received during the Passion and the Death and, in spite of all, I never stopped loving the mistake of those who unfairly punished Me. The one who in these times may not be able to be in the humility of serving God will not be able to easily reach the Source of My Love that heals all and redeems all. For this, when they tell you all the mistakes that you have made, guard in your hearts the lesson and the moment because behind the injustices that the world lives and that human beings live between themselves there is a safe door to the liberation of yourselves. Do not take each experience as something destructive. Consider all that happens as an opportunity of living in a spirit of humility and of emptiness of oneself. And for those who judge without consciousness even when it is a brother or a sister that is at your side, only be for him or for her a bridge to peace, to compassion and to harmony. Relieve the burden that this sibling carries in the heart and do not judge because this moment will be for you to act in deep mercy. All that you receive is proportional to what God expects that you achieve on this life upon the Earth, in this way you will perceive that it the time has come of leaving control of yourselves and of taking the step to the great transformation. When you feel that people hurt you, remember for an instant My wounded Face. In this way you take inner strength enough to get out of yourselves and to give the opportunity of redemption and of forgiveness to those who have been unfair with you. Remember that each experience lived here on the Earth is a precious and possible treasure in Heaven. Go ahead, go ahead! Surpassing yourselves without looking to what is already part of the past. Be good and be holy. My Heart blesses you always. Under the Light of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for living My messages from the heart! Christ Jesus. __________________________ Tuesday, July 9 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS Who perseveres and does not get tired of being tested by Me, because of their sacrifice and surrender, will achieve the Kingdom of the Heavens. For this today I invite you to walk in the trust and in the faith of consecrating your lives to Me and of leaving completely the illusions from the past. In this way you will always have a firm heart and the decision to live the Will of God. Wait with joy for My Silent Arrival because now time is calling you quickly to the purification and to the redemption of your beings. When your hearts become clean and pure of every stain I will take you to Paradise so that you may glorify My Father eternally, as do the Saints and the Blessed that honor the Glory of God and His Perpetual transforming Love. But you will still find stones on your paths. I invite you to walk over each one of them so that in you may awaken the hope for liberation and peace. Tests exist to be lived and to define the advent of the new being, redeemed and forgiven by My Eternal Light. I forgive you and I renew you all of the days by means of merciful prayer. Under the Love of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for receiving My messages in the heart! Christ Jesus, Your Faithful Shepherd. __________________________________ Monday, July 8 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS My Consciousness is being radiated to the hearts beneath the message, the light and the expression of the Seven Rays. As in a rainbow created by the infinity of elements, your lives will be able to encounter Me as the immaterial tone of light and color that will fulfill the necessities of your lives. In these shades of colors and light forms your consciousness may be able to enter with trust and with faith. In this way you will be uniting yourselves to the merciful dimensions of My Heart. See My Sacred Heart as an incandescent flame that emanates the shades of light and of color to the life of all of the beings. When My Seven Rays come in light and in color to your inner beings My Sacerdotal Consciousness prepares the temple where It waits to dwell perpetually. Search in Nature, as in all of the Creation, the light of My various colors and rays because always there will be some of them that in your hearts will be felt as fulfillment, love and affinity. If My Consciousness from Heaven, as from the Universe, was not present before humanity in light through the various rays, the souls would have difficulty to be able to recognize Me as the Universal Instructor. For this today I reveal to you the infinite greatness of My Love, that Love which comes from the Living God and that dwells always through the presence of His Firstborn Son. Therefore, My Companions, get to know now how My Divine and indestructible Love is manifested in this time to the creatures and to the world. Find Me within the shades of the rays and each time that you see a rainbow remember that My Merciful Heart is descending in Grace and in Pity through the colors of the seven rays. Collect from your beings the fruits that have already matured and do not disturb more your lives for that which still has not been redeemed. Always try to donate to Me that aspect which is tough and impenetrable because I, as Your Beloved King, will always know what to do with it and where to lead it to. Only place all your being within the rays so that may descend into your spirits the joy of living in God and of serving God. Under this Christic impulse you will renovate the old Earth and in this way My Seven Sacred Rays will consecrate the essences that are lost. So that your hope in redeeming yourself may be stronger than your self-will and so that love may emanate eternally and transmute your unknown aspects you will repeat with faith, devotion and divine conviction the following prayer: Victorious Prayer to the Sevens Rays of Jesus Sacred White Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, cultivate the absolute purity in my being. Sacred Blue Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, sow Pity in my consciousness. Sacred Pink Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, transcend now my difficulties. Sacred Golden Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, bring to my consciousness your sacred wisdom. Sacred Green Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, heal my old wounds, so that the new being may be born. Sacred Golden-Ruby Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, nourish My consciousness so that in it may awaken the divine gifts. Sacred Violet Ray, that emanates from the Heart of Jesus, transmute my doubts, guilt, sorrows and any curse, so that my spirit may be One with Jesus and may be One in God eternally. Under the imperishable Light of the Father, in Christ, now and always I live the spiritual mission. Amen Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for receiving My words in the heart! Christ Jesus, the Sacred Ray of Love. __________________________________ Sunday, July 7 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS My Life is like a great mirror that reflects upon souls the precious Will of God. For this, the one who is in Me and who I am in will always have discernment and wisdom sufficient to be able to decide which path to take in this time because My Heart will embrace them constantly and in this way we will be One eternally. So that this mystery may be revealed in your lives My Heart will give you the living hope of what is forthcoming so that in this way, encouraged by My Consciousness, you may be servers of the New Earth. The one who vigils always in Me will perceive whenever he or she is being challenged to transcend themselves or whenever he or she is being cunningly deceived. In this way there will be no rivals at the moment of the battle because your hearts will be firm in My Heart and nothing will tear you down. But the one who prays and vigils little will be like the hearts that do not persevere or follow My Words. It is necessary to have a noble and solid spirit to face the currents and the changes that will be anticipated sooner than many believe. For this the merciful prayer is the spiritual nourishment that I have made known to you within My Divine Priesthood. Asking God for Mercy you will purify your faults and you will start again under the impulse of the purity of the heart. Under the Love of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for receiving My words with an open mind and open heart! Christ Jesus, Your Beloved King. ___________________________________________ Saturday, July 6 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS Today I am with you sharing from My Heart the ardent time of the purification that will lead you to find light for your conversion. When Heaven calls you to conversion It also calls you to live constant forgiveness, so necessary and urgent in order to find the path towards the Divine Mercy. My brothers and sisters: I am reuniting you to celebrate the supper of your future redemption, a supper that you will live with Me and that will awaken the new consciousness upon your existence. On the path of effort and of constancy is measured the degree of your love for your peers. In spite of the times of great tests My Merciful Heart encourages you to continue without looking back, without looking so much to the past that imprisons you. For this live with Me all the time so that your hearts may not be separated from My Redeeming Love. I will encounter you always in vigil and in prayer, adoring My Eucharistic Heart. Under the Good of God, be blessed. Thank you for guarding My words in the heart! Christ Jesus. ______________________________________________ Friday, July 5 of 2013 SPECIAL DAILY MESSAGE OF THE CHILD JESUS IN THE ARMS OF THE MOST CHASTE HEART OF SAINT JOSEPH, TRANSMITTED IN THE CITY OF TREINTA Y TRES TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS At the end of the prayer of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy we were waiting for the arrival of Master Jesus but today something special happened: it was the apparition of Child Jesus in the arms of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, who with devotion and an example of humility visited us at 3pm. From the moment of the apparition of the Child Jesus He transmitted us the following instruction: My dear brothers and sisters: Today, as the Child Jesus, as the Little Jesus, I come in the arms of My Father to demonstrate to you that you will only get to the Kingdom of God if you are little and humble children that obey with fidelity and love the designs of the Father. With this aim, today I call you to reflect if your consciousnesses think and feel like a pure and good child. If it is not this way, in spite of the experiences of life, I invite you to consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Child Jesus because it is through your act of faith and of forgiveness of yourselves that you will receive the divine help, that which you may need in order to undo the knots in the consciousness. For this Friday I also call you to renovate yourselves and to imitate the most chaste path of Saint Joseph. You only must put in your hearts the aspiration of transforming yourselves and of making way so that the Will of God may act through your lives. Saint Joseph will help you to cultivate a spirit of humility and of simplicity. I call you, for this special day, to affirm yourselves on the path that Saint Joseph went through by means of obedience and of the absolute emptiness of oneself. If you do not empty your hearts of all property or control in time, how will you be blessed by the treasures from Heaven? You are in time to construct the path of your own redemption. For this today My Mercy presents Itself before you through the presence of the Sacred and Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. Every time that you may not be pure, chaste and meek, remember that there is a Faithful Mediator before God who is waiting to cross the gate of transcendence and of the inner detachment of yourselves. Find through Saint Joseph a good and venerable father, capable of accompanying as a Good Shepherd each one of My sheep. I repeat to you with great compassion: be like children before the maturity and the arrogance that wants to conquer your precious lives, lives that can only filled by the Spirit of God, lives that can transmit the impulse of the Divine Mercy to all of the Earth. I wait for you in prayer and in reflection in the Chaste Heart of the Father Saint Joseph. Under the Light of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for guarding My messages in the heart! Christ Jesus, the Redeemer. _______________________________________________________ Thursday, July 4 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS While the world gets congested from the constant reactions to the decisions that it makes I plead you: live by means of My Mercy because today I declare to you that this time that each one of you live with Me is the training for the time of purification. For this your lives should already be, by now, polished as stones and more tuned than any voice or musical instrument. It is necessary to prepare yourself with a certain consciousness so that the dusk may find you sufficiently ignited in light. In this way you will be able to be separate from all darkness that may want to surround you. There is only one path for this time of tests, of challenges, of confirmations and of sacrifices. I Am this path, a path that will lead you to find a meaning and an answer for all of the circumstances of life. The one who does not make an effort to follow Me will quickly miss the walking of My Precious Steps. For this one must have a brave spirit to cross the barriers of inertia and of self-will. Whoever does like this will be able to know the true spirit of freedom and of the inner transfiguration, rays that once impregnated My Consciousness and that converted Me absolutely in what I Am for all of you. It is time of precision. It is time of sacrifice and of braveness to be able to reach the first stages of holiness. Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for guarding My words in the heart! Christ Jesus, the Instructor of hearts and of lives. _________________________________________________ Wednesday, July 3 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS In spite of the thresholds that you must cross, always keep ignited the eternal light of the heart so that nothing external to My Kingdom of Love may extinguish it. It is necessary to radiate a peaceful and loving heart in face of unpredictable circumstances. In this way the enemy will not disturb you and you will encounter inner strengths by means of the presence of My Merciful Heart. The hour of the Divine Mercy is only for the brave ones because from three in the afternoon My Disciples help Me to tear hells and evils that the consciousnesses live in the different parts of the world. For this the disciple must hold on to My Tunic and walk between the wolves and the darkness without fearing to fall into the abysses that this humanity creates because from three in the afternoon your beings must become invisible before the wiles that My eternal rival articulates. Without waiting for anything, without aspiring for any results, always pray with fervor. Fight so that your eyes may not sleep but that in truth your spirits may wake up to the redeeming work that all of the people who pray are accompanying Me to realize. In this way you will always know through the intuition of the heart which part of the reality of the world and of humanity is receiving My Merciful Liberation from the evil that oppresses you. For this, for those who are willing to pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, may you remember that you will be doing it for your own salvation and for the salvation of all of the Earth. You will do it principally for the permanence of the life of all of the Kingdoms created by the Kind Hands of My Father. I invite you to pray with faith and conviction so that the project that was drawn in the heart of the universe may remain amongst you always and for all eternity in this My Beloved Blue Planet of Light. And something else I tell you: listen with attention to My Words every Wednesday, the day of study and reflection about My Message, because My Presence will be by means of the heart of My Disciple Jose. Listen with attention to all that I have told you with so much Love and every Wednesday you will receive the gift of My Eternal Grace. Under the Love of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for receiving My words in the love of your hearts! Christ Jesus, who returns to your lives. ____________________________________ Tuesday, July 2 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS I Am the definitive healing and the liberation for your lives because it is only through Me that you will achieve Mercy and that you will be sanctified. For this today I tell you once more to not fear because of the veils that fall now from your faces, in the face of what you had believed before. I do not only pour over you My Infinite Graces but I also show you the truth by means of the tests and of the constant challenges of transcendence for your hearts and consciousnesses. When you manage to discover that which comes from yourselves and that torments you, do not detain yourselves thinking how you will get rid of it. Proceed in an intelligent way and declare through My Merciful Heart that you belong to My Eternal Light and to the perfect unity with My Father. In this way, that which must be burned by My Divine Fire will not disturb you anymore because each time that it may present itself to challenge you, you will have cultivated a peaceful heart and an open heart to the great transformation. When I tell you all these things it is because I am talking directly with that part of your being that is already old and to which has arrived the moment of dying, so that your blessed spirit may be able to be born. For this be patient because in this earthly life there is still much to overcome and to learn. This will allow you to always have a joyful heart, capable of elevating itself to God and of not feeling guilt. I invite you to get to know the science of the Divine Mercy, in this way you will be awakened to the true. It is necessary to be brave to be with Me. For this very few are the ones who take the risk to say yes to Me out of love for transformation. Under the Love of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for guarding My words in the heart! Christ Jesus. ____________________________________________ Monday, July 1 of 2013 DAILY MESSAGE OF CHRIST JESUS, TRANSMITTED TO THE VISIONARY FRIAR ELÍAS Many of those who should be together with Me were absorbed by the achievements of the world. For this I count on few disciples to realize My Redeemer Work on the entire world. Some human eyes are spiritually blind and these, from remaining in a dark night, do not even see My Light that is approaching on the horizon. I am gathering all of My flocks, those that have answered and those that have not answered Me because My Father will send for the second time His Glorified Son to separate the hard chaff from the beautiful and the good wheat. With the wheat that I may get I will, with My Hands, elaborate the new flour that will give the new Bread of Life for humanity. In this way those who have persisted in faith to My Call, will eat of the Bread of Life and I will send to the ones who have distanced themselves from God to other points far from the Earth so that, recognizing their sins, they may serve God in reparation, conversion and redemption. This new flour that many do not know is already being elaborated by My Holy Hands. For this, those who may want to eat of this Bread that will give you the Eternal Life again must search for it in the heart. This flour is the fruit of the wheat that has been well cared from the moment of its birth, well sown and, afterwards, well harvested. These wheat that were born and have been kept twisted by life will receive the opportunity of My Mercy. This will be before the rays of the great sun that illuminates your days radiates the Power of God upon the world, Power that will burn the impure and that will make to sprout again what has remained dry from the bad work of other hands. For this try to have a pure heart so that the temptations and the rivalries of this world do not submerge you as they have submerged many of My flocks, those that now are sinking without direction and without harbor. The law will allow you to correct life. Many have forgotten the keys of the Commandments. The time that approaches calls you to inner growth and for this you have Me, because My trust will never fail you, It will nourish you with My Supreme and Good Love. Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed. Thank you for guarding My words in the heart! Christ Jesus.
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