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do u have any insites as to how one would find/grants/any type of backup for an idea of having a school built in the friend is a philanthropist. and hes laying the foundation, soon for this school to be built...I told him, well I said a lot of things, like....what is the Cap, hes looking for , (like how much is it going to cost), are there available teachers there, and if all these kids r orphaned, then dont they, (wont they) need food, lunch and stuff too, what about some health care.....these kids r going to b your responsibility...and if one gets hurt, u may need a lawyer..etc., etc. how much will the instruments cost, this will be an ongoing, need for cash. the teachers will need to be paid. anyone with any information?? all help is considered wanting to raise money yes.....and Im trying to determine, any ways of tax write off kinds of stuff. any advice one may have.,,,,,and Buy a CD,!!!! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE SCHOOL!!! thanks for your time and consideration, u can message me!! and if u would like CD, info is on the VIDEO....CHECK IT OUT!!! :) ALSO: taking ANY chairity work, musically. if you would like to record some stuff.....lets figure out what it would take?? :) Have A Great Day, N THANKS! Brian Scott Smith and Andrea Perrault. ( Matt, Brian is one of Johnny Mills friends, Brian was a local blues player. ) thanks for ur time!!!
Posted on: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 19:11:09 +0000

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