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fta: If you are walking down a street (with a doubleline down it, signifying that cars can travel at a speed perilous for pedestrians to avoid) and a cop orders you to get out of it, it is the law that you have to get out of it. Your feelings toward the cop and his toward you have nothing to do with it. You don’t have a right to confront him over it. And remember, if you decide to confront the cop over it and aren’t moving yourself to comply with the order, you might have made the decision for him. Because unless the officer has a specific call to answer immediately, now he has to enforce the next law you are breaking. That of not following his order. (This is often why we try to get compliance and control a situation as quickly as possible. To keep the consequences from piling up. They can. Rapidly.) Michael Brown decided for whatever reason to physically confront Darren Wilson. When he did so, probably without knowing it, he created a situation Wilson could not back down from. But this is really understating the case. When have you ever contemplated grabbing a cop’s gun? What would possess you to do that? What would make you think the cop would just let go? I know in heated confrontations actions taken by the participants often don’t make sense when Monday morning quarterbacked by others. But I can’t come up with an even slightly good reason why Brown should have shoved Wilson into his patrol car or grabbed his gun. Either was extremely dangerous. There are laws against it. There is case-law governing the officer’s behavior when someone tries it. There is no police academy in the country that teaches you to allow anyone to take away your gun during a fight. It doesn’t matter WHAT their psychological state is either. You are responsible for that gun and if someone takes it from you then you literally have no way of knowing what they are going to do with it once they have it. It is ALWAYS considered a deadly force situation. You don’t know if they are going to kill you with it, someone else, themselves, shoot it randomly in the air and then the bullet manages to kill a one-year-old two miles away, or maybe they go walk up to the first one-year-old they see and kill them. YOU DON’T KNOW. But you are under orders to kill that person if necessary to retain your weapon. I doubt most people realize that when they speak about the Michael Brown shooting. If you try to take a cop’s gun by force they are trained to kill you and they aren’t supposed to debate whether they want to or not. When you look at the logic of that situation, how you can never allow a deadly weapon to come into the custody of someone trying to force it from you, you see why lawmakers and the courts will never change it. https://educationrealist.wordpress/2014/12/01/strategizing-horror/#comment-8241
Posted on: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 05:22:47 +0000

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