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gkhub -----Current affairs for IBPS and other competitive Exams - See more at: gkhub/current-general-awareness-for-ibps-rrb-ssc-nda-cds-csat-appsc-wbpsc-rrb-postalasst-exams/#sthash.xafq8Btz.dpuf Question1 To increase financial inclusion banks introduced? (A) Internet banking (B) Stimulus package (C) Business correspondent (D) Corporate banking (E) None of these Question2 The funds of District Central Co-operative Banks arisen from (A) NABARD lending (B) State government (C) Affiliated Co-operative societies (D) Funds from State Co-operative Banks (E) All of above Question3 On 20 July 2013, the Parliamentary Committee on Finance submitted finalized its Goods and Services Tax Report. It is headed by. (A) Murali Manohar Joshi (B) Venkaiah Naidu (C) Raghuram Govinda Rajan (D) Aravind Mayaram (E) Yashwant Sinha Question4 Which is India’s largest co-operative bank in India looking to acquire the Pune-based Rupee Co-operative Bank? (A) Mahesh Co-operative bank (B) Mandavi Co-operative bank (C) Saraswat Co-operative bank (D) Lucknow Co-operative bank (E) None Question5 Who was sworn in as Egypt’s interim Vice President for foreign relations? (A) Mohmmed Morsi (B) Mohammed ElBaradei (C) Nabil Fahmy (D) Adly Mansour (E) ( None of these Question6 Which of the following is an easy way of providing credit to the farmer community? (A) Indira Vikas Patra (B) Loan against gold (C) Kisan Credit Card (D) National Savings Certificate (E) None of these . Question7 ‘Relationship-beyond banking’ is the punch line of (A) United Bank of India (B) Union Bank of India (C) Bank of India (D) !CIC!Bank (E) None Question8 First Indian bank to open a branch outside the country, at London, in 1946 is…. (A) Bank of India (B) Bank of Baroda (C) Indian Bank (D) ICICI (E) Axis Bank Question9 The facts relating to WTO given. Pick the wrong statement. (A) World Trade Organization was established on 1 January 1995. (B) Its Headquarters is at Geneva, Switzerland. (C) European Union recently put a complaint with WTO as the recycling fee imposed by Russia solely on auto imports. (D) As per the WTO trade statistics, India’s share in the global merchandise exports stood at 1.60% in 2012. (E) None Question10 With regard to RBI what is basics point? (A) One hundredth of 1% (B) One hundredth of 10% (C) Ten percent of 1000 (D) Ten percent of one hundredth point (E) None of these Question11 Which of the following countries is not a partner in TAPI project? (A) Turkey (B) Afghanistan (C) Pakistan (D) India (E) All are not part of the project Question12 Indian Co-operative Bank system is………. (A) Unicameral (B) Semi Federal (C) Less Federal (D) Federal (E) Autocrat - See more at: gkhub/current-general-awareness-for-ibps-rrb-ssc-nda-cds-csat-appsc-wbpsc-rrb-postalasst-exams/#sthash.xafq8Btz.dpuf
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