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https://youtube/watch?v=VIvfgiblnkA How can Extremist Islamist terrorism in Europe and America fight . 1 - all mosques in Europe and the US to close . .2. All Extremist Islamist terrorism in Europe and America Identify and kill them . 3. Terrorist and Extremist Islamists The mosques are our partners And receive financial aid . 4. Extremistische islamitische terrorisme in Europa Can easily carry out terrorist operations Because there are no borders in Europe. 5- Iran islame terrorist regime is isis , Turkey regime Hamas, Hezbollah, Qatar ,Muslim Brotherhood is isis These are no different from isis. 6 - unfortunately world is in direction of war,chaos,fear and terrorism. it is because that a bench of unworthy leaders who lack of any insight and understanding to world affair which ...can not have ......cleardecision to the world problems. there are real politicians not in Europe . and US
Posted on: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:39:13 +0000

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