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if i am vulgar it is because while i am typing they are torturing me right now . this is from earlier : it is not only the 50,000 VA that were killed but most of hospital are a part of this mass killing of American . if you are not a satanic Babylonian or a skull and bones boule like jeh Johnson and Obama watch your back before going to any hospital . this is why the C.F.R. and the white house bordello want to impose us their ocacacare to control and to kill us . we had the same hearing today but more satanic lies . from earlier : all this hearing is a hoax . bonuses awarded to senior executives of the VA were appropriate for mercenary killing more than 30,000 veterans push to suicide them-self during only the Obama administration . i suspect strongly that PTSD is a Babylonian hoax use to justify the mass killing of our veterans .specially when i see that Richard Rockefeller had some interest on the methods of treatment for PTSD . those Babylonian do not have us at hart and they not not care about the health of our veteran . they want to find every-way to kill us with their scientist MIT Nazi . the VA hospital is the best platform for this mass killing they drug and vaccine them to identify them and then they poison and torture them at distance to push them to be suicidal . this can be done by rotten Babylonian neighbor rat from the law enforcement and mercenary of the homeland insecurity and it can be done also by satellite and by their satanic Nazi air-force . i am certain of my affirmation because i was and i am still victim of this torture for more then 3 years . why i say by satellite because i am talking by experience where ever i go it takes them less then 5 minutes to get to me even 100 miles from my house in the basement of Salina KS hospital of 5 stories build in concrete . i recognize each type of torture and its provenance . 2 days ago i reported to my sheriff office and show them the effect of the torture .
Posted on: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 05:48:29 +0000

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