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..it never ceases to amaze me that Allah [Almighty n Glorious is He] can inspire so much fear in our hearts when we reflect on His Supremacy.., yet His Mercy is equally as vast as His Dominion.. He loves to forgive regardless of how sinful we become if only we sincerely repent n seek forgiveness.. but what is disheartenin is how Muslims today are not able to forgive each other n how often we are impetuously intolerant towards one another.. Islam teaches us that the strongest of servants are those who not only have the strength to suppress their anger when they are tested but also possess an immeasurable capacity to forgive.. if we can sincerely forgive those who anger us.., inwardly n outwardly.., then that cleanses our souls from the shaytaan (satan) n his negative energy.. so its important to disregard vain criticisms.., for this is the first step towards bein tolerant.. ofcourse.., this is not done without difficulty cause its hard to understand why those who have wanted to cause us grieves wanted to do so in the first place.. but this is where the battle with our inner self can take a positive turn n allow us to elevate our imaan (faith).. this inner struggle is what our Beloved Prophet Sayyiduna RasulAllah [peace n blessings be upon him] called ..the Greater Jihad... cause it involves tolerance n fightin the evil within ourselves in order to purify our hearts.. this is always done for the sake of Allah [Almighty n Glorious is He] n to purify our spiritual conditions.. ye know.., life is short.. let us not waste our energy on bein angry at our enemies n seekin revenge against them.. if we can progressively minimize our spite every day.., then soon we will bear no hatred or malice in our hearts.., ..in shaaAllah (God willin)... this is how we can end conflicts amongst ourselves.., since it is a day to day issue we face.. after all.., sometimes our own actions can provoke another person’s wrong doings n we may not be aware of how we contributed to the conflict.. we tend to judge the faults of others.., while bein blind to our own.. we forget how we have wronged others.., n we only remember how others have wronged us.. in the same manner.., we forget the good things that others have done for us.., n remember only the good that we have done for them.. its an innate human error.. but let us try to remember our own shortcomings before we reflect on the shortcomings of others.. let us stop victimizin ourselves n think bout how we have victimized others.., n then seek their forgiveness.. n if they ask our forgiveness.., let us always grant it to them.. cause our Beloved Prophet Sayyiduna RasulAllah [peace n blessings be upon him] taught us that: ..whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy (upon)... [Bukhari] n we must keep in mind that however we treat others is how Allah [Almighty n Glorious is He] will treat us.. thus with immediate effect when someone hurts us.., let us try to meet their oppression with kindness n forgive them.., even if they are not sorry.. ..we ask Allah [Almighty n Glorious is He] to aid us through our efforts to tolerate each other.., respect each other n forgive each other for His sake... ..may Allah [Almighty n Glorious is He] keep guidin us to the Best Ways of life... ..ameen...!
Posted on: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 19:15:08 +0000

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