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***nxt scene for my South Park spinoff*** ***for the ep so far see facebook/shelly.freeman.758 EXT. LITTLE DIOMEDE BAY NIGHT RANDY emerges from his plane. Almost all the inhabitants are there to greet him. Hes a little dazed. RANDY I finished the cold wall! AUDIENCE MEMBER 1 Huh? RANDY I finished the cold . . . NADIA elogantly touches a wand to his lips. RANDY (contd) war! Everyone cheers. SOFIA You do all realize that Russias on the other side, right? AUDIENCE MEMBER 2 Nadia has moved Russia! Its magic! Real magic! NADIA shrugs. SOFIA sighs. SOFIA Look, Russia has always been where it is. It hasnt been, and doest need to be, moved in order to bring about the end of an imaginary war. Russians are both similar to and different to Americans but, importantly, everyones an individual. We need to appreciate the differences and similarities and work together to make the world a better place. By now the crowd - aside from NADIA and JULIA - have marched away from SOFIA. CROWD America the best! America the best! SOFIA looks at NADIA. SOFIA Do they even realize youre Russian? NADIA Theyre very forgetful. JULIA Goooomph woomph woooomph mmmph. SOFIA You got a call from your dad? What did he say? JULIA Mmmmph rooomph wooomph mmmph. NADIA Why would Alaskans want to drop a nuclear bomb on Big Diomede? JULIA Birrrrrrtch. SOFIA Oh. Sarah Palins preaching to them again. Wait! Shes not gonna do anything so long as her daughters here. JULIA nods. NADIA We have to convince Cera to stay so that our island wont be nuked? JULIA nods. NADIA This is crazy. How?
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