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on my mind right now is jumping jump ropes which are ropes that need no human to control the ropes cause they are self sustaining ropes that need not have the hand of the white man in singles and of course the blacks hold it down on the double dutch, and i know what your all thinking....whats my role in this new fad that is holding down the number 1 position in the new fads list for 2013 which is not an easy ringer with competitors such as passive aggresive team knitting and other crowd favorites like straw bending only by using your hands, which is as hard as it sounds and impossible for the chinese breeds....and we cant forget the contreversial fad known as drinking water from a glass inside a pitcher inside a glass that is bigger than the pitcher but the shape of a glass, i know, the the words themself creates a havoc inside my loins that cannot be measured by any known measurement that is known to man that is known as measurment but not to exclude the ancient art of measurement with a measuring devise created by a measurement measured to precise measurments that follow the measurements measured in the planned measurement retainer and accepted by the national measurement society that measures things with a ruler......
Posted on: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 03:59:29 +0000

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