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♦plz like our new Exclusive Educational page♦ BCS & MCQ TEST ♣ Elaboration♣100 টি . ADB= Asian Development Bank ADP= Annual Development Programme APEC= Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ASEAN= Association of South East Asian Nation AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome BARD= Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development BAPEX= Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited BARI= Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institution BASIC= Bank of Small Industries and Commerce BASIS= Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services BATEXPO= Bangladesh Textile Exposition BCS= Bangladesh Civil Service BEPZA= Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority BINA= Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture. BKMEA= Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association BIMSTEC= Bay of Bengal Initiatives on Multi- Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation BJMA= Bangladesh Jute Mills Association BOA= Bangladesh Olympic Association BOI= Board of Investment BRTC= Bangladesh Road Transport corporation BSTI= Bangladesh Standard and testing Institution BTC= Bangladesh Tariff Commission BBC= British Broadcasting Corporation BIS= Bank of International Settlement BO= Beneficiary Owner BRRI= Bangladesh Rice Research Institution BSA= Bangladesh Standard on Auditing BTCL= Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited BTRC= Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission BTTB= Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board CAA= Civil Aviation Authority CAB= Consumers Association of Bangladesh CARE= Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere CID= Criminal Investigation Department CNG= Compressed Natural Gas CDBL= Central Depository Bangladesh Limited CIA= Central Intelligence Agency CBA= Collective Bargaining Agent CIB= Credit Information Bureau CIRDAP= Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific CNN= Cable News Network CRD= Central Recovery Department CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) (It is the amount that commercial bank have keep at Central Bank as deposit. Currently for Non Islamic commercial banks 4% and Islamic commercial bank 6%) DNA= De-ox ribonucleic Acid DA= Daily Allowance/ Dearness allowance DAE= Department of Agricultural Extension DB= Detective Branch DCCI= Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry DFI= Direct Foreign Investment ECG= Electro Cardio Gram ECNEC= Executive Committee of National Economic Council EPZ= Export Processing Zone ESCAP= Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific EVA= Economic Value Added FAO= Food and Agricultural Organization FDI= Foreign Direct Investment FBCCI= Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry FY= Fiscal Year FOB= Free on Board FBI= Federal Bureau of Investigation FIFA= Federation of International Football Association GATT= General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (At Present WTO) GDP (Gross Domestic Product) It denotes the total of goods and services produced by a nation over a given period, usually 1 year excluding income earned by citizen abroad and including income of foreigner within the country. GNP (Gross national product) It denotes the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year, plus income earned by its citizens abroad, minus income earned by foreigners from domestic production. GMT= Greenwich Mean Time GPRS= General Packet Radio Service GSM= Global System for Mobile Communication HIV= Human Immunodeficiency Virus IAEA= International Atomic Energy Agency IFC= International Finance Corporation IRRI= International Rice Research Institute. IAS= International Accounting Standard IBRD= International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ICJ= International Court of Justice ICB= Investment Corporation of Bangladesh ICSID= International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes IDB= Islamic Development Bank IDA= International Development Association (Also called soft-loan-window) IFC= International Finance Corporation IOC= international Olympic Committee ILO= International Labor Organization IMF = International Monetary Fund lnterpol= International Criminal Police Organization ISD= International Subscriber Dialing ISP= Internet Service Provider LGED= Local Government Engineering Department LPG= Liquidities Petroleum Gas MICR= Magnetic Ink Character Recognition MIGA= Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MMS= Multimedia Message Service NAFTA= North American Free Trade Agreement NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration NBFI= Non Banking Financial Institution NBR= National Board of Revenue NRB= Non-Resident Bangladeshi NCC= National Cadet Corps NAM= Non-Aligned Movement NATO= North Atlantic Treaty Organization NGO= Non Government Organization NWD= Nation Wide Dialing OIC= Organization of Islamic Cooperation OPEC= Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries PABX= Private Automatic Branch Exchange PIN= Personal Identification Number PSTN= Public Switched Telephone Network PSC= Public Service Commission PUC= Personal Unblocking Code PUK=Personal Unblocking Key RJSC= Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. ♣Posted by Admin শাহ জালাল
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