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#pradhanmantri I would like to change our political structure. we have a federal democratic government but the important question is whether we are true democratic country definitely we are not therefore I would like to change our present political structure. first - I will introduce strict separation of power there will be no nexus between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary that they can work effectively without any interference. second only those candidates securing more than 50% valid votes will be declare as peoples representative (MP or MLA) only than democratic system will flourish in India. thirdly there should be strict responsibility of the head of the institution in case of any malpractice or scandal found head of the institution will take responsibility personally and will cooperate investigation and other proceedings. fourthly I still believe that our infrastructure is poor that is why I will try my best to improve present condition of infrastructure in India and it will help every sector to grow. fifthly I would like to simplify taxing structure that a laymen can understand importance of taxes. sixth - I would try my best to improve relations with our neighboring countries and it will help us to maintain peace in our country and it will also increase business with neighboring countries. seventh - while making any policy my goal shall be development of country. I will try to make a atmosphere where people will feel that their government is working for themself...
Posted on: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 16:02:13 +0000

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