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#rahatfloods #Uttrakhand- some urgent issues- - Do not send water,biscuits and clothes to any of goonj center as we have plenty of this. - No clothes to our Rishikesh base camp please.. a large quantity of unwashed, dirty clothes have become a problem here in the middle of rains and limited space. - Family packs of utensils need to have utensils for atleast 6 people and not like one plate, one glass etc..as this is too less for a family and we are forced to repack the same. - Buckets, ropes, utensil sets ( atleast 2 pans,tava and for eating) apart from loose utensils,umbrella,torch -Sarees, blouse, peticots- most needed -please make sure on the quality as we are also getting a huge amount of so called chinese, low quality material like umbrellas, torch which are of no use .. Do share !!
Posted on: Thu, 04 Jul 2013 05:37:11 +0000

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