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taiwo was driving down a street along lagos, having just finished answering a call. when a policeman, suddenly,opened the passenger door, entered and jam locked it. (the door lock is faulty). as usual,the police wanted something from taiwo for waking a phone call while diving. suddenly,the policeman saw the big rottweiler dog,Jackie, at the back seat of car. with its tongue stuck out,spittle dripping and fangs barring,staring fiercely at him. policeman:( shaking )Ah! you carry dog? taiwo:(bone face) yes, i carry dog. that one too be offence? policeman:(feeling uncomfortable) na where u dey come from? taiwo: from hospital ! policeman: ehen! you sick? taiwo: no , na person wey the dog bite we go see. the person almost die sef. policeman:(terribly shaken by now) ehen! but why the dog dey shake head like that? taiwo: naso im dey do if e wan bite person. policeman: the dog know you? taiwo: yes nah , no b my dog? policeman(sweating) this your door,how you dey open am? taiwo: how you take enter? policeman: abeg! na since i dey try open am,but e no open. (the dog was now getting impatient and gave a small growl,its tongue almost touching the policeman left ear) policeman:( sliding forward) oga, i take God beg you, open the door for me make i comot. i no go collect anything from you. taiwo: how much you go pay me? policeman: AH! i neva hustle anything since morning na #2000 dey with me. taiwo: you neva ready(he looked back at the dog) policeman:ok ok ok ok ok ok, e reach #5000. the other #3000 na my wife own,but i go give you join. (now,close to tears as the dog was becoming really impatient) oga , i be......g ,sorry,take the #5000 make you open the door plssssss! taiwo:oya bring am(he collected the #5000 & allowed him out the car) policeman: GOD punish you. idiot, e no go ever better for you and your yeye dog wicked!!!!!!!. ONE WORD FOR TAIWO AND POLICEMAN
Posted on: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 20:55:12 +0000

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