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th Charges Supplying improved Cattle Germplasm through auction of animals and Selling of semen at subsidized rates. Selling Sheep and Goat Germplasm at University approved rates. Selling of Poultry Germplasm at University approved rates. Without Charges : Advising farmers and officers of the Department of Animal Husbandry regarding improved breeding practices of livestock and poultry by arranging training Kisan Mela and Workshop. Veterinary pathology Post mortem and Biopsy examination of dead animals and birds Provides expert guidance for the disease diagnosis and its prevention and control to Livestock/Poultry farmers in form of Farm Darshan, Kisan Melas etc. Provides a significant role in the diagnosis and etio-pathological studies of important diseases of different species of animals and poultry prevailing in Haryana state Animal nutrition Quality mineral mixture for Cattle and Poultry is being manufactured by the Department and is available for sale on the following rates : Type of mineral mixture Rate (Rs./25 kg bag) Rate (Rs./kg)(One Kg packet) Cattle 1200 50 Poultry 950 40 Feed and fodder samples received from livestock owners, feed industry and other organizations, are analyzed on nominal fees (INR 275/- for proximate analysis including that of calcium and phosphorus contents) as prescribed by the University to help farmers/entrepreneurs to get maximum return from livestock. Interested persons may send their feed and fodder samples with Bank draft for getting the analytical report. Extension is an important domain of the department. This department is engaged in imparting technical knowledge regarding balanced and economic feeding of animals to livestock owner, pig and poultry farmers for efficient animal production through training program, Kisan Mela and TV/Radio talks. Farmers are advised regarding nutritional disorders, and nutritional management during drought and floods. There is also active participation through mass media, TV/radio talk, farmers fair etc. Trainings of seven days duration each (twice a year) are being organized for unemployed scheduled class youth of Haryana state on “Importance of balanced ration and mineral mixture in livestock and poultry production”. Participants are acquainted with various aspects of feeding, ration and mineral mixture formulation, and manufacturing, processing of feed ingredients for better utilization, improvement of poor quality roughages etc. for entrepreneurship. On completion of training, a bag containing 25 kg mineral mixture for livestock is being given free of cost to the trainees. Veterinary medicine Diagnosis of infectious and non – infectious diseases of animals reporting at TVCC. Undertaking treatment of all sick animals reporting at TVCC. Consultation regarding prevention and control of diseases to the farmer of the state. Emergency treatment at farmers door step in cases of outbreaks Veterinary surgery and radiology Radiography of clinical cases in domestic animals Surgical treatment of buffaloes suffering from diaphragmatic hernia Treatment of animals in TVCC Participating in Kisan Melas Clinical camps in various parts of the state Clinical Conferences for field veterinarians Farmers’ Advisory Services Animal Husbandry Officers’ workshops Exhibitions Short term training courses Publications and handouts for the farmers Radio and TV talks Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology Service Charges (`) for cases/ samples presented at TVCSC/ deptt by the farmers/ other deptt. Charges (`) for cases/ samples from outside agencies Testing of milk for urea, starch, soda, detergents ` 10/- per sample per chemical ` 10/- per sample per chemical Testing of feed samples for mycotoxins ` 100/- ` 150/- for feed manufacturers, hatcheries and breeders Disease diagnosis by PCR test (except investigations during disease outbreaks) ` 500/- ` 750/- Screening/ disease diagnosis by ELISA test (except investigations during disease outbreaks) ` 150/- ` 200/- Water testing ` 100/- ` 100/- Culture and sensitivity testing of clinical samples ` 100/-, for equine a
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