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to Leony Sherena Melati maaf kalok pake bahasa inggris ya Facts About Secondhand Serenade Home The Band members There is only one person that makes up Secondhand Serenade and his name is John Vesely. So, as you could infer, he is the vocalist, pianist, and guitarist of Secondhand Serenade. The Genera of Music The genera of the music is acoustic rock. This is very mellow, but rocky at the same time. What the Name Secondhand Serenade Means The name Secondhand Serenade means to put it simply, derived from the primary or original love song or love piece. The way that it gets its meaning is that secondhand means decried from the primary or original, which is not firsthand. Then serenade means a love song or love piece. When Secondhand Serenade Formed Secondhand Serenade was formed in 2004 by soloist John Vesely. His first album was released the same year and it was called “Awake”.Then four years later on February 19th, 2008, he had his second album come out and it was called “A Twist in My Story”, but it was produced with a full band. The Albums and Singles Picture There are four albums that have been released by Secondhand Serenade form the year 2007 until 2012. The names of these albums are “Awake”, “A Twist in My Story”, “Hear Me Now”, and “A Naked Twist in My Story”. The album “Awake” has been released twice and “A Naked Twist in My Story” is the re-make of “A Twist in My Story”. There are also six singles. These singles were made in 2007,2008,2009,2010, and in the present year, 2013. The names of these singles are “Vulnerable”, “Fall for you”, “Your Call”, “Last Time”, “Something More”, and “Shake it off”. @[email protected]
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